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AIDS: Mother Nature’s Big Stick


By Anthony Zimmerman | December 2001
Fr. Anthony Zimmerman, S.T.D., an American missionary to Japan since 1948, is a retired professor of moral theology at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan. His published works are available on the Internet at zimmerman.catholic.ac/.

Trust Mother Nature. She is not about to abandon the human race to the moral nihilism of those whose ideas about sex and family are contrary to her laws. Mother Nature says: “These are my ways. They are good. They are wise. Follow them.” By imposing AIDS on man, Mother Nature has demonstrated that she is a stern mother who carries a big stick.

The HIV virus is a gargantuan threat to the health and well-being of the human race. HIV wastelands beckon healthcare workers to care for the millions who are in misery and admonish the infected to prepare for a premature rendezvous with Judgment. HIV slowly exposes wishful thinking about condoms — a Trojan horse — and blows the whistle on theological adventurism.

Solidarity with Victims of AIDS

Mother Teresa saw the face of Christ in people stricken by AIDS. She led her sisters to find them, bathe them, and renew them with the medicine of God’s love. Cardinal O’Connor found time not only to prepare sermons for St. Patrick’s Cathedral but also to be at the side of AIDS sufferers in New York City hospitals. When AIDS struck suddenly, Catholic agencies everywhere geared up for action.

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