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Letters Policy

Letters to the editor of the NEW OXFORD REVIEW are always welcome. All letters, parts of letters, or notes received pertaining to this magazine, its contents, or to matters of general interest to our readers are automatically considered to be offered for possible publication, unless specifically marked “Not for Publication.” We are sorry that because of the volume of such communications and the cost of replying, we are unable to acknowledge our receipt of them.

Please be assured that all letters are given careful consideration. The briefer the letter the more likely it is to be published. It is of course impossible to print all the letters we receive. All correspondence accepted for publication is subject to editing and possible abridgment.

Please typewrite and double-space your letter. Send your letter to:

Letters Dept.
New Oxford Review
1069 Kains Ave.
Berkeley CA 94706-2260.

Or fax it to: (510) 526-3492

Or you can fill out the form below