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Morning must-reads

December 7

Nicaragua: Priest maimed with sulfuric acid in cathedral

Local news: Pro-abortion activist says devil told her to do it

Philippine prez downplays quip about killing bishops

Said of bishops, 'Kill them, those fools are good for nothing'

Pope approves new legislation governing Vatican City

New 'Control and Inspection Unit' will verify compliance

Pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin promotes rainbow rosary

5th decade to be prayed for 'full acceptance' of gay couples

CBC to Canadians: Limit children to stop ‘climate crisis’

'Have one fewer child' to 'help cut down on emissions'

U.K.: Anti-UN migration pact petitions force debate

Global Compact is increasingly embattled across the EU

December 6

Pope Francis to visit United Arab Emirates in February

To attend Internat'l Interfaith Meeting on 'Human Fraternity'

Satanist statue placed for holidays in Illinois capitol

'Snaketivity' depicts apple upheld by snake-encircled arm

Tanzanian cardinal: Reject ideological colonization

Foreign aid hinges on accepting deviant cultural norms

Numerous religious vocations reported in Pakistan

Capuchins ordain 7; Lahore seminary ordains 10 per year

Philippines deports U.S. priest wanted for abuse in Ohio

Hendricks, age 77, has lived on remote island for 37 years

Italian bishops vote to alter line in 'Our Father' prayer

Pushed by Pope: 'And do not abandon us to temptation'

December 5

Penn. court: Keep 11 names redacted from abuse report

To protect 'rights to reputation' of current, former priests

Ukrainian Catholic Bishops condemn Russian aggression

Call for 'prayer and strict fasting' for peace and liberation

Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand ask help

Two ways out of IDCs: death or purchasing plane ticket

500 Irish nurses, midwives urge conscience protection

Fear they'll be forced out of profession over abortion

First baby born after womb transplant from dead donor

'Enables use of a much wider potential donor population'

Dutch court rejects 69-year-old man’s age-change bid

Says priority is to ensure 'accurate factual information'

December 4

Texas officials seized Cdl. DiNardo’s three computers

Log of items taken in raid is mistakenly made public

Cdl. Tobin admits to ‘temporarily’ housing Italian actor

English-learner at Seton Hall gets to live with a cardinal?

Archbp. Viganò denies claims he defrauded his brother

Critics aim to discredit him after his damning testimonies

Some Chinese priests remain 'underground' and wait

Want to know content of 'confidential' provisional deal

Belgium investigates euthanization of autistic woman

Asperger syndrome falls within low-quality-of-life range

Calif. bill would mandate free abortions at all colleges

Gov.-elect Newsom may support what Gov. Brown vetoed

December 3

Pope says in new book that gays in clergy 'worries me'

In 'priestly life, there is no place for this' sexual behavior

WSJ op-ed calls Barron 'bishop of Catholic social media'

Says no church figure other than Pope has more followers

Suicide, drug OD rates bring down U.S. life expectancy

Suicide rate is at 50-year peak; fentanyl deaths increase

Kreeft explains concurrent rise of homosexuality, Islam

'Two movements that will fight and die for their beliefs'

Starbucks to honor promise to block porn in U.S. stores

Has already blocked offensive websites in U.K., Australia

Ireland: Dozens of doctors walk out of abortion meeting

GPs get no conscience protections; abortion legal Jan. 1

November 30

Archdiocese of Santa Fe announces bankruptcy plan

One day after AG executes search warrant on its offices

San Francisco archdiocese has paid $87M in settlements

Cordileone: Insurance covered 70%; no parish funds used

Expert: Bishops can begin sex-misconduct reforms now

Expand promoter of justice role, enhance local canon law

Denver archbp. confronts ideology at Jesuit Regis Univ.

Quotes to admin. Pope's denunciation of gender theory

Calif. PP affiliate reports over $100M in income; a first

Includes $8.9M from client payments, $70.4M from taxpayers

Austrian chapel to blast Muslim prayer call in Advent

To 'create awareness' that Islam, Christianity are for peace

November 29

Police raid Cdl. DiNardo's Houston archdiocesan office

60 armed agents leave with boxes of archive documents

Müller: Pope 'is doing everything possible' against abuse

'No one has right to indict the Pope or ask him to resign!'

Congress pledges aid to Christians, Yazidis in Iraq, Syria

Bill passed both the House and the Senate unanimously

Expert: Lay movements are ‘next frontier’ in abuse crisis

Groups have rights but 'no responsibilities, no accountability'

Holy Apostles Seminary releases gay-network report

Several dioceses sanitized files, moved & ordained offenders

U.S. bishops ask Senate to pass prison reform bill

Number of federal prisoners increased 800% from 1980-2015

November 28

Second Newman miracle approved, advancing his cause

Benedict XVI beatified Newman in Birmingham in 2010

Scottish universities silence student pro-life groups

Gatekeepers pledge to ‘no-platform’ abortion opponents

BXVI: Church is not called to a 'mission' to the Jews

Responds to and 'corrects' criticism in German monthly

Damascus archbishop describes Syrian Catholics’ plight

'We are losing our young people' via school, intermarriage

Japanese museum finds rare scroll from missionary era

Likely made in 1592, after growth sparked by Francis Xavier

Pope names Austin auxiliary to lead Monterey diocese

Garcia chairs USCCB subcommittee on Spanish worship

November 27

Malaysia: 4 Finnish Christians arrested over pamphlets

Accused of breaking laws on disturbing religious harmony

Catholic migrant helpers have mixed views on Tijuana

Caravan ploy sparked closure of busy border crossing

Chinese scientist says he created 1st gene-edited babies

No independent confirmation; ethical concerns are raised

Superior of SSPX meets with prefect of Vatican's CDF

Says 'irreducible doctrinal divergence' remains the issue

Illinois ex-convict priest removed from ministry again

Diocese now seeks permanent removal from priesthood

Duterte: Build 'chapel in your own house, pray there'

Philippines prez continues string of criticism of Church

November 26

Cupich to help organize Vatican's Feb. abuse meeting

Along with Cdl. Gracias of Bombay and Archbp. Scicluna

Jesuit Zollner begins consultation phase of Feb. meeting

Priest links organizing committee, Pontifical Commission

Women religious superiors group raps culture of abuse

Asks any woman religious who's been abused to report it

Venice illuminated in red for Bibi, persecuted Christians

Major landmarks in other cities, including D.C., follow suit

Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison dies at age 71

His aims were to increase vocations and piety in diocese

Asia Bibi family is hunted 'house to house' in Pakistan

Supporters appeal for asylum in EU or North America

November 20

Legatus group will not collect 2019 tithe to Holy See

On hold till Board finds reinstatement 'would be prudent'

‘Dictator Pope’ author is expelled from Order of Malta

Grand Master: Sire's book is 'gravely offensive, disrespectful'

Cupich denies drafting rival plan before USCCB meeting

Says Wuerl, Pope, and Roman dicastries weren't in on it

Vatican reinstates Jesuit head of German university

Priest eyes Church teaching changes on LGBT, women’s roles

Kenya bans abortion giant from offering any abortions

Orders Marie Stopes clinics to submit weekly reports

Priest and 41 others killed in cathedral attack in CAR

Many of the dead were refugees sheltering in the church

November 19

Cupich, Wuerl submit an alternative sex-abuse proposal

Bishops would be investigated by bishops + diocesan boards

Vatican message calls for action on antibiotic resistance

Cdl. Turkson writes for World Antibiotic Awareness Week

Msgr. Nicola Bux warns on Pope's 'heretical' statements

Sees 'clear intention' to break with 'previous pontificates'

Court rules Italy should get back taxes from Vatican

Rejects complicated exemption for some Church properties

Pope: World looks away from Christian persecution

Meets members of Order of Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

Vigano must pay 2M euro in family inheritance dispute

Has managed family funds since their father’s death in '61

November 16

Vatican, U.S. bishops face class-action lawsuit on abuse

Six men, victims in childhood, seek damages, contrition

Retired Erie bishop Trautman criticizes media, AG report

And calls proposed hotline for bishop misconduct 'unjust'

Chilean cardinal Errazuriz confirms exit from Pope's 'C9'

Is summoned to testify on allegations of abuse cover-up

Notre Dame prez says child abusers aren’t monsters

Law student urges retraction of tone-deaf comments

Miss. priest lies about cancer, defrauds parishioners

Informant says bishop knew of Vargas’s HIV status in 2015

Abortion dominates Kigali family-planning conference

Gates Foundation no longer distancing itself from killing

November 15

DiNardo: We'll take 'strongest possible actions' in future

'We will do so in communion with the Universal Church'

Denver archdiocese removed seminary vice-rector in '07

Abused seminarian not helped by rules that apply to children

Bishops won't ask Holy See to release McCarrick files

Most view proposed resolution as redundant, ambiguous

Buffalo parishioners speak via collection basket, feet

Priest: 'People are leaving in droves' over Bishop Malone

Pope's media allies are silent on persecution in China

Bishop and now four priests subjected to indoctrination

U.S. bishops’ advisory council: Investigate seminaries

Audit would aim to root out predatory gay behavior