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Morning must-reads

January 20

'No misunderstanding': Cdl. Sarah meets with BXVI

Private meetup to end 'incessant, deceptive' controversy

English weekly calls Assisi meeting ‘papal anti-Davos’

March gathering aims for more sustainable business model

Dolan conducting 'Vos estis' probe into Brooklyn bishop

DiMarzio has strongly denied the abuse allegation

French trial shows how Church covered for predator

Even after admitting abuses, priest was always sent back

Munich, Germany: Catholic laity protest Cardinal Marx

For leading nat'l church down schismatic ‘synodal path’

Abp. Viganò joins protest of German bishops’ ‘synod'

His 1st public appearance since bombshell in Aug. 2018

January 17

Pope to bishops: Protecting unborn is preeminent issue

Abp. Naumann: Pope 'stunned' by U.S. stat of 61M aborted

Chinese ‘underground’ bishop Guo evicted, homeless

He and several priests are 'victims' of Sino-Vatican deal

Vatican picks Hong Kong bishop, delays announcement

Due to perception that he's sympathetic to Chinese gov't

Persecution of Christians is ‘taking a technological turn’

China, India are planning nat'l facial-recognition systems

Anti-gov't protests erupt in Iran after plane downed

Widespread frustration at mismanagement, corruption

‘Abortion is normal’ art exhibit in NYC to benefit PP

Furthers idea that 'positive' abortion narratives are key

January 16

Nigerian priest makes plea for attention to persecution

About 1,000 Christians were killed in 2019; 6,000 since 2015

Vatican authorizes 85 scholars to probe Pius XII archives

Access begins March 2nd of materials from 1939-1958

Cdl. Hummes advises bishops on awaited Amazon doc

Gives advance PR 'suggestions' before media coverage

Founder of Protestant movement returns to the Church

India-based group has 2M followers in 30 countries

Australia committee to present reform plan to bishops

Which gives much financial, managerial control to laity

Wave of women's monastery closures hits Italy hard

Due to crisis of vocations and new Vatican-led policies

January 15

Jesuit paper: Pope, imam not promoting reform of Islam

Joint effort not intended 'to tell Islam what it should be'

Ignatius Press to keep BXVI listed as coauthor of book

In still-unfolding controversy over priestly-celibacy work

France: Parents’ genders removed from baptism forms

Complex family situations cause 'problems of vocabulary'

Showdown brewing over Equal Rights Amendment

U.S. House may vote to extend 1979 deadline retroactively

Architect: Notre-Dame's roof should be rebuilt of wood

Gothic cathedrals 'only work because the roof is heavy'

South Sudan peace declaration signed in Rome

Head of Community of Sant’Egidio facilitated the talks

January 14

Ganswein: BXVI didn't agree to be co-author of book

Asked for his name and photo to be removed from cover

Cdl. Sarah, Ignatius Press clarify on book's authenticity

Sarah reveals letters proving close collaboration with BXVI

Book kerfuffle sparks debate over role of pope emeritus

Some see his public statements as challenges to Francis

Massachusetts court finds no right to assisted suicide

Recognizes difficulty in patient assessment & any oversight

CDF removes Legion of Christ abuser from priesthood

Victims upset that he will remain a member of the order

Record number of tourists and pilgrims in Holy Land

Custos says pilgrims help deter 'explicit forms of conflict'

January 13

Benedict XVI, Cdl. Sarah pen book on priests, celibacy

Response 'to calls for refashioning' priesthood, as at synod

Vatican: Francis not in favor of optional priestly celibacy

Spokesman quotes Pope from 2019, pre-Amazon synod

Pell changes prisons after drone makes photo attempt

As he waits for high court to hear final appeal in March

Tex. bishops decry governor’s decision to spurn refugees

Trump exec. order allows states to end settlement program

Survey of U.S. abortion facilities shows disturbing trend

143 surgical clinics will conduct abortions at 20+ weeks

NYC to shelter homeless in archdiocesan buildings

Mayor's office will work with 'faith leaders' on this issue

January 10

Buffalo: Clash ongoing between ex-seminarians, diocese

Protests, charges reveal depth of problems post-Malone

Catholic leaders: Congo risks being broken by violence

Monsignor: 'We've been in a state of war for 20 years now'

Brazil high court reverses ban of gay-Jesus Netflix film

Says satire cannot undermine values ​​of Christian faith

German ecumenists advocate 'eucharistic hospitality'

Bishop voices doubt on unrealistic, impractical proposal

Latest UN figures show rapid global aging

Except in Africa; by 2050, one in six will be over age 65

Venezuelan exiles warn college students of socialism

Pair tour U.S. campuses to tell of their nation's downfall

January 9

U.S. bishops urge U.S. and Iran to embrace peace

Decry loss of life, untold suffering, endemic instability

Iraq archbp.: 'We are fed up' with all 'troubles and war'

Rues foul influence of both Iran & the U.S. over Iraq

FBI interviewed Papal Foundat'n staff about McCarrick

One member also questioned by Manhattan DA’s office

Brazil judge orders Netflix to remove 'gay Jesus' film

Produced by a Rio-based film company, which was attacked

Santa Fe archbp. issues health directive for flu season

Asks for no handshakes, no holding hands at Our Father

Abortion activists storm office of pro-life House Dem

Protest Lipinski over joining amicus brief for pro-life law

January 8

Malaysia PM: Soleimani 'must unite Islamic countries'

Says US-Iran conflict may escalate 'what is called terrorism'

Theodore McCarrick has moved from Kansas friary

To community of priests who were removed from ministry

Teen arrested for Planned P'hood attack in Delaware

Attempted arson, plus painted 'Deus Vult' and 2 symbols

Documentary offers rare glimpse of Benedict XVI’s life

German TV production 'is dignified and respectful'

Puerto Rico reels under successive earthquakes

Priest: Two plus aftershocks have taken psychological toll

Vatican caught in scandal over ‘queer’ rave in Rome

Building housing refugees, homeless also hosts parties

January 7

China announces new crackdown on religions

Alongside further suppression of Catholics who rebel

N.Y. earmarks $45M for security at religious schools

Due to Hanukkah attacks; Catholic schools eligible

Philippine bishops laud court rejection of gay marriage

Priest: Legislators still could enact new law to allow it

Kenyan Catholic leaders alarmed at increase in terror

Al-Shabab is hitting soft targets, including churches

German bishop mulls idea of co-parish with Lutherans

Wilmer 'excited to see which ways the Holy Spirit will lead us'

PP last year: 345,672 babies aborted; $616M from gov’t

Only 4,279 adoption referrals; 9,798 'prenatal services'

January 6

Pope appeals for self-control, dialogue amid war threat

Chaldean patriarch expresses Iraqi people’s shock

Fort Worth bishop offers care in terminally-ill child case

After judge allowed hospital to stop medical treatment

Debate over updating 'ecological sin' in Catechism

Focus on overconsuming of resources, culture of waste

Windows smashed at renowned Bach church in Leipzig

One suspect is known to pastor; no arrest yet

United Methodist Church officially splits

Forcing stalwarts into new 'traditional' denomination

Ole Miss acquires respected GetReligion blog

Which analyzes religion coverage by the mainstream press

January 3

Catholic scholars weigh in on ‘Afghanistan Papers’

Bipartisan lies to U.S. public about war are 'despicable'

Anti-Christian vandalism on rise in Western Europe

3,000 churches, symbols were attacked, defaced in 2019

NY governor will try again to legalize paid surrogacy

Bishops decry the inevitable exploitation of poor women

207 senators, congressmen: Roe v. Wade is 'unworkable'

Sign amicus brief re: Louisiana abortion-regulations case

Pro-abort EU nations destroy US pro-life efforts at UN

Bloc of 28 exerts influence over developing countries

U.S. kills top Iranian general in Baghdad air strike

In major escalation in tensions between U.S. and Iran

January 2

USCCB president Abp. Gomez marks World Day of Peace

Decries war & violence, abortion, Christian persecution

New archbp. appointed for booming Cameroon diocese

Describes churches as 'bursting'; Masses 2.5 hours long

Cardinal Grech, renowned theologian, dies at age 94

Served as expert at the CDF, taught at several universities

Oldest known church in sub-Saharan Africa unearthed

Confirms Ethiopian tradition of Christianity's early arrival

First clergy abuse suits under new Calif. law announced

Implicating schools, religious orders, and dioceses

China jails scientist who modified three babies’ DNA

Deliberately violated regulations 'seeking fame, wealth'

December 30

Nigeria: IS claims killing 11 Christians on Christmas Day

Bishop asks, 'Where is the moral revulsion at this tragedy?'

McCarrick’s past gifts: $600,000 to high-ranking prelates

But Church officials say such donations are not unusual

Notre-Dame de Paris rector: Edifice 'is not out of danger'

Sees 'maybe a 50% chance' the cathedral will be saved

Joliet IL bishop Conlon takes medical leave of absence

Diocese will be led by retired bishop of Des Moines, Iowa

Brit PM Johnson vows to defend persecuted Christians

Says gov't 'will defend your right to practice your faith'

NY stabbing is latest in escalating anti-Semitic violence

13 incidents statewide in Dec., even in suburban enclave