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Morning must-reads

September 21

Priests bless gay couples outside Cologne Cathedral

In defiance of Cdl. Woelki and 2021 Vatican declaration

Scandal of Rupnik & art institute grows ever deeper

Jesuits, Vatican, Rome diocese continue smarmy cover-up

College of Cardinals has become less European

18% now from Asia/Oceania; from Europe: now 39%

Ethnic Armenians surrender after Azerbaijan offensive

In the mostly Christian Nagorno-Karabakh region

Mozambique: 11 villagers killed in Islamic State attack

Gunmen separated Christians from Muslims, shot them

Papal envoy in leopard print vestment goes viral

Italy: Prelate, age 66, triggers an avalanche of derision

September 20

U.S. lawmakers call for repeal of unjust FACE Act

After convictions spotlight gov't targeting of pro-lifers

Pope repeats: Possessing nuclear weapons is immoral

'Use of atomic energy for purposes of war is immoral'

El Paso bishop highlights right not to migrate

Seitz: Must address coercive forces uprooting many

Catholic youth movement called 'Hakuna' is booming

Began in Spain, spread across Europe, is now in U.S.

USCCB urges ‘radical solidarity’ with expectant moms

To 'surround mothers in need with lifegiving support'

Brigham Young U. reinstates code of virtuous conduct

After 3 years; includes abstaining from same-sex liaisons

September 19

Trump calls 6-week abortion ban a ‘terrible mistake’

Pro-lifers condemn his politically motivated switch

Pope, in video chat with Bill Clinton, says ‘No to war’

Also talks of climate change, health care, migrants

Australia: Vatican probe of bishop leaked to media

Saunders, now 73, 'likely' abused & groomed youths

Bishop Barron addresses crowd of 1,000 at Harvard

On Catholic intellectual tradition centered on Christ

Researcher finds 1942 letter to Pius XII on Nazi crimes

Writer urged secrecy because he feared for his life

Northwest China: World-famous mosque is 'sinicized'

'Arabic' architectural elements removed & replaced

September 18

Three more pro-lifers found guilty on FACE charges

Darnel, Bell, Marshall could get 11 years & a steep fine

Mass.: Legal attacks mount against pregnancy centers

State, local bills/laws focus on 'deceptive advertising'

Pope speaks to Korean pilgrims on St. Andrew Kim

Urges their dioceses to send missionary priests abroad

Ontario Catholic hospital under fire for deadly hire

Names euthanasia doctor as palliative care director

Catholic families flock to Appaloosa Music Festival

Mix of folk, country, bluegrass, & Irish performances

Beijing's plan: Annex Taiwan politically, technologically

Proposes more interaction; Taiwanese leaders pass

September 15

Abp. Fernández outlines his vision as new DDF chief

Says others' claims to guard the faith are driven by power

Bishop Strickland says he will not voluntarily resign

He's received no information on the matter from Rome

Diocese of Cleveland issues policy on gender identity

Maintains Church teaching & vows respect, compassion

French bishop under investigation for attempted rape

He was appointed in 2016 despite ‘multiple warnings’

Pope to appear via video at Clinton Foundation event

Other guests: Gavin Newsom and Mich. gov Whitmer

Cdl. Zuppi: 'Open & cordial atmosphere' in Beijing

On China's side, no mention of meeting with papal envoy

September 14

EU bishops voice concern on ‘human substances’ bill

It expands term past tissues/cells to embryos, fetuses

Philippines approved to begin permanent deaconate

Nation has one priest per 9,500 Catholics, on average

Floods in Libya after cyclone kill an estimated 10,000

Pope sends assurance of prayers, words of consolation

Soccer great Ronaldo Nazario, age 46, embraces faith

World champ for Brazil team shares news of his baptism

Nuncio to India to dedicate new shrine to St. Michael

Parish serves 4,000 and oversees 3 schools, orphanage

Saint Peter’s receives new statue of Korean martyr

Fr. Andrew Kim Taegon was beheaded in 1846, age 25

September 13

Missouri: Second trans clinic, at Wash U., halts work

Cites 'unacceptable level of liability' after new state law

Pope sends envoy to China to discuss Ukraine war

Cardinal Zuppi to meet with Prime Minister Li Qiang

Kansas: New pro-life org to administer state program

$2M 'Alternatives to Abortion' follows model from TX

Synod's substantive discussions to be semi-secret

Odd for a Church that touts openness, accountability

Beijing removes Mongolian history from bookshelves

And Pope's words to Chinese during trip get no coverage

Syro-Malabar standoff deal rejected by papal envoy

Leading lay movement also expressed opposition to it

September 12

Pope to ask for Texas bishop Strickland's resignation?

After visitation; due to papal criticism & management

New DDF prefect Fernández warns on uppity bishops

Who think they can judge ‘doctrine of the Holy Father’

Regnum Christi responds to accusations of past abuse

After letter by former women members in Chile, Argentina

Prominent churchmen eulogize pro-abort Italian

Her last rad-fem work was titled 'God Save the Queer'

Nicaragua: Priest arrested for praying for bishop

Regime forbids mention of imprisoned Bp. Álvarez

Ukraine's Shevchuk thanks Pope for humanitarian aid

Abp. professes unity with Pope four days after rebuke

September 11

Ulma family beatified on a ‘day of joy’ in Poland

Nine martyred during WWII for hiding 2 Jewish families

Vatican investigates Swiss bishops for abuse cover-up

Priest's letter accuses six current & retired bishops

State of Calif. declares ‘Transgender History Month’

For Aug.; lawmakers mull new parental rights restrictions

U.S.: VA promotes abortion as birth control to veterans

Video presents killing as empowering therapeutic tool

‘Sound of Freedom’ maker running for prez of Mexico

Pro-life actor Verástegui decries status quo, nation's crisis

China bans Apple phones for its millions of civil servants

Authorities growing more wary of foreign electronics

September 8

Nuncio to U.S.: The Synod is about evangelization

'Not meeting to invent new Church or new structures'

Vatican documents detail efforts to save Jews in WWII

Over 4,300 were hidden by 155 religious congregations

Cdl. Parolin praises Ukrainian Catholic head’s words

In major effort at damage control after papal remarks

Catholics in Vietnam ask Pope to visit them next

Nation boasts millions of Catholics; no pope has come

Abp. protests lack of Catholic chaplain at USAF base

Broglio has priest for role, but bureaucracy stymies all

Germany: Lay leader stigmatizes AfD party members

As new right party makes inroads among Catholics

September 7

Second trial of D.C. pro-life rescuers has begun

They face up to 11 years in prison, $350,000 max. fine

D.C. rescuers charged with FACE, conspiracy charge

Trial marked by novel charge & skewed jury selection

Ukrainian Catholic bishops object to Pope's comments

About Russia; Francis restates his 'closeness' to Ukraine

OB-GYN org calls for abortion 'without restrictions'

Pro-life doctors condemn stance as fatal & harmful

Calif. Catholic college sells campus to stay afloat

'Pivots' to serving a few hundred in graduate programs

Catholic institute at U. of Mich. begins second year

Provides 'home for Catholic thought' on secular campus

September 6

Vatican: Polish martyrs' newborn son to be beatified

Clarifies all 9 family members are considered martyrs

Brazil archbishop gives Communion to Muslim sheik

At funeral Mass for cardinal; later offers 'explanation'

Italy: COVID accelerated collapse of practiced faith

Church squandered opportunity of mission, proclamation

HHS proposes harmful LGBT nondiscrimination rule

USCCB: It threatens Church's capacity for social service

Mothers with young children lead female labor spike

69% of those married work, & 72% of the unmarried do

Black Catholics greatly influenced American music

Incl. 'Jelly Roll' Morton, B. Holiday, L. Armstrong, L. Horne

September 5

Chinese Catholics travel to Mongolia for papal Mass

Crowd of 2,000 also incl. Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians

Pope exhorts Chinese Catholics to be ‘good citizens’

Part of sending 'warm greeting to the noble Chinese'

Francis talks of Synod on Synodality at in-flight presser

'No place for ideology'; to be dialogue among the baptized

Retired Irish archbp. stirs controversy with interview

Claims 'priests were angry' when he spoke out on abuse

Fair Admissions org turns to U.S. military academies

SCOTUS exempted them from affirmative-action ban

UK court denies 19-year-old life-extending treatment

Hospital pushing her to palliative care against her will

September 1

Pope Francis is first pope to set foot in Mongolia

Its 1,450 Catholics are led by world’s youngest cardinal

Papal visit to Central Asia boosts Church's prestige

Helps spur nearby nations to cultivate official relations

China denies its bishops permission to go to Mongolia

While prelates from other nearby countries are going

Beijing bishop prays for Vatican-China diplomatic ties

At Mass opening academic year at his diocesan seminary

China: Religious personnel to be graded on CCP loyalty

Meanwhile, folk practices of Buddhists & Taoists targeted

Status of Fulton Sheen beatification cause is updated

Head of effort declares 'Sheen is clean' after scrutiny