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Morning must-reads

July 29

Fire engulfs 163-year-old Catholic church in Scotland

Two days after priest was attacked in Edinburgh cathedral

Panel with prelates discusses document on Eucharist

At Georgetown U.; call for unity, avoidance of public fight

N. Ireland bishops: Abortion intervention is ‘disquieting'

Rap UK government's unilateral imposition of 'unjust law'

Cincinnati officials weigh Legionaries house purchase

Neighbors question zoning change, cite pedophilia issue

3,685 women religious urge Senate to pass voting bill

Cite 'partisan obstacles' & attempts to 'suppress' vote

Cameroon boasts plentiful ordinations & seminarians

In West African country of 25M people, 38% are Catholic

July 28

Vatican officials use ‘hookup apps,’ phone data show

On 32 mobile devices; serious security, blackmailing risk

Cdl. Gregory withdraws permission for TLM at basilica

Was to be offered on Assumption vigil, broadcast on EWTN

Huge Vatican financial-scandal trial adjourns until Oct.

After defense attorneys argue against Vatican jurisdiction

Vatican trial involves 13 defendants, 27 defense lawyers

John Allen Jr.: Are prosecutors, judges out of their depth?

Hong Kong bishop-elect aims to unify divided diocese

Split between fighting for values, maintaining institutions

China: 3rd bishop ordained since renewed Vatican deal

Elsewhere, priest is coerced into joining official church

July 27

BXVI laments lack of faith in Germany's 'official church'

Where institutionalization trumps 'openness towards God'

Dutch bishop: TLM motu proprio is ‘declaration of war'

Calls Pope’s action 'dictatorial, unpastoral, unmerciful'

Chile: Karadima, priest defrocked for abuse, dies at 90

In 2018 he was disciplined with life of penance, prayer

Brooklyn priest being targeted by pro-abort protesters

Likens embattled rosary procession to Way of the Cross

Newfoundland archdiocese selling bishop’s residence

To pay abuse victims; lawyer reports dozens more cases

India: Locals protest to have a Dalit lead their diocese

New appointee not chosen from ranks of 'untouchables'

July 26

Newark archdiocese to investigate app use allegations

Patterns of Grindr use at 10 rectories, clerical residences

Vatican increases ‘liquid’ assets amid deficit crisis

APSA presents balance, portfolio details for first time

Archbp. gives Pope's homily on grandparents/elderly

'Grandparents and the elderly are not leftovers from life'

French faithful, prelates respond to Pope’s TLM rules

Initial reactions were calmed by bishops’ statements

11% of U.S. campuses have COVID vax requirement

Catholic colleges/universities offer wide range of rules

Canada: Residential schools case focuses on court docs

On promise to survivors of $25M via 'in-kind services'

July 23

Pelosi cites Catholic faith while boosting abortion

Cordileone: Can't claim to be devout and condone killing

USCCB renews call to action on Hyde, abortion funding

U.S. House expected to begin voting on bills next week

Cdl. Burke writes 19-point statement on TLM rules

Suggests results of bishops' consultation be made public

Latin Mass Society: TLM is regulated not abrogated

Group's chairman aims for 'calm, reasoned discussion'

Philippine bishops voice support for Pope’s TLM letter

Repeat order that ‘every liturgy' be celebrated by norms

WHO pushes abortion 'de-medicalization,' do-at-home

Claims 'self-care' abortions empower & support women

July 22

German dioceses maintain status quo on Latin Masses

Bp. Bätzing okays settled system of TLM at fixed locations

Canada: Unmarked graves near school include adults

Local elders: Graveyard was mixed, 'indigenous and not'

Indicted cardinal Becciu files many defamation suits

Against Italian media; cases will run alongside Vatican trial

Surveillance technology used to expose USCCB official

Data gathering is now commonplace, can target anyone

Jesuits brace for fallout of U.S. pullout from Afghanistan

India-based mission has educated youth, aided war victims

Philippines: Priests make ‘penitential' prayer walk, fast

To pray for end to pandemic, souls of lost loved ones

July 21

USCCB general sec'y resigns due to improper behavior

Report cites use of gay bars & 'hookup' app on cellphone

Cincinnati Catholic college hosts Biden CNN town hall

Blindsided archbp. says he wouldn't have granted approval

Springfield bishop dispenses parishes from TLM rules

Paprocki, a canon lawyer, cites section on disciplinary laws

Cardinal Zen rips ‘anti-Ratzinger lords of the Vatican’

Defends TLM, points to post-Council loss of faith in Europe

Archbp. Di Noia, in Rome: TLM movement is divisive

Calls it 'totally out of control' in U.S., France, & England

Coptic Orthodox church in B.C. destroyed by fire

Earlier surveillance footage captured female suspect

July 20

Cdl. Müller critiques Pope's 'harsh' limit on Latin Mass

Compares it to laxity toward German Church's offenses

More U.S. bishops issue statements on papal document

Most plan to 'study' it while allowing TLM to continue

TLM document rooted in 9-question survey of bishops

But Vatican hasn't revealed how many actually responded

Lebanese prelate: Nation is ‘sheep without shepherd'

Entrusts Lebanon to 'miracle worker' St. Charbel Makhluf

Trade between China, N. Korea collapses due to COVID

Lowest level since 2001; NK soon may face food shortages

French medieval abbey sold to businessman over FSSP

To turn great Cistercian building into luxury hotel, gallery

July 19

U.S. bishops issue guidance on Pope's TLM document

Cordileone takes stand; Gomez, Gregory keep status quo

TLM supporters dismayed by severe new restrictions

Head of UK Latin Mass Society rues 'staggering document'

French bishops express ‘esteem’ for TLM communities

France seen as a global center of Catholic traditionalism

L.A. school district kept millions from Catholic schools

Probe: Violations in slashed programs for needy students

New Mexico Dem says bishop denied him Communion

Pol claims parish priest 'has indicated he will do the same'

Russia, China prepare for Taliban victory in Afghanistan

Beijing is concerned about Uyghur mercenaries there

July 16

Pope restricts celebration of traditional Latin Mass

Issues motu proprio 'in defense of unity' of the Church

Vatican now claims ‘most virtuous’ financial safeguards

Regulators: Detecting suspicious activity is only the start

COVID takes toll on Catholic clergy in hard-hit countries

Priest: 500+ Indian priests & nuns lost since mid-April

Leader of Indian state wants to impose two-child limit

Policy has failed elsewhere; birth rate is already dropping

Feminist camps clash over gender ideology at the UN

Focus on new 'rights' ignores reality of oppressed women

Spain’s medical colleges object to conscience threat

After 'Equality Minister' proposes changes to abortion law

July 15

German Catholic Church lost over 220,000 in 2020

A record 272,771 had departed in 2019, pre-COVID

Cuban-American bishops state solidarity with protests

Including Perez of Philadelphia & Estevez of St. Augustine

Undercover Italian police bust $2M fake cardinals scam

Con men took earnest money while arranging 'loans'

Dolan, Naumann: Abortion push in appropriations bill

U.S. House plans to nix Hyde & conscience amendments

Russian Orthodox official: Refusal of COVID vax is sin

In contrast, CDF says vaccination is 'not a moral obligation'

U.S. drug overdose deaths hit record number in 2020

An estimated 93,331 died, up nearly 30% from 2019

July 14

Pope Francis returns to Vatican after colon surgery

Stops on the way to pray at Basilica of St. Mary Major

Franciscans elect Italian as 121st successor to St. Francis

Roman Fr. Fusarelli succeeds U.S. Franciscan Fr. Perry

Pro-abort protesters block Brooklyn pro-life procession

Bishop calls bullying of peaceful marchers 'very disturbing'

US bishops welcome moratorium on federal executions

Advocate striking death penalty from all state & fed. laws

Despite Vatican protest, homophobia bill progresses

Italian legislature could vote it into law by next week

Sri Lankan gov't using COVID laws to suppress dissent

Civil rights groups report scores of arbitrary arrests

July 13

Boston College faces fury over denied vax exemptions

Parents, students upset over school's hardline stance

Fed. court dismisses suit against Chicago archdiocese

Personnel decision is protected by 'ministerial exception'

Biden names special envoy to advance LGBT rights

Who has said Catholic teaching on gender ‘fuels hate’

Olympic athletes to be barred from Tokyo churches

Archbp. requests all 'refrain from visiting' due to COVID

Christian persecution worsens in post-coup Myanmar

Priests, pastors are arrested & Christian areas targeted

Hungary & Poland are Holy See's culture-war allies

On conscience issues & fight against so-called new rights

July 12

Cuba crisis sparks largest pro-freedom rallies in 60 years

Christian movement urges continued pressure on regime

Pope leads Sunday Angelus from his hospital balcony

Vatican: He's mending, will pass ‘few more days’ in hospital

La Crosse bishop removes Fr. Altman from ministry

Internet fans have given $722,000 to support his case

Suspended Virginia priest-blogger loses Vatican appeal

Bishop ousted him over posts critical of abuse handling

Family loses appeal in suit over priest’s funeral remarks

Court cannot pass judgment on content of a sermon

Catholic church goes up in flames in northern Alberta

Abandoned structure awaited demolition; suspect identified