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Morning must-reads

July 13

Calif. historic mission church severely damaged by fire

One of several fires, acts of vandalism at U.S. churches

Turkey declares ex-cathedral Hagia Sophia is mosque

Pope: 'I am very saddened' by change of museum status

Cdl. Brandmüller corrects errors of Viganò, Schneider

After statements on doctrines & scrapping of Vatican II

Venezuela bishops denounce ‘chaos’ under Maduro

Specially exhort politicians who profess to be Catholic

Notre Dame ‘thrilled’ to hire pro-abort Pete Buttigieg

Despite pushing LGBT agenda & limited religious freedom

‘Feminist geography’ prof: Tall buildings are sexist

Says the city 'is filled with reminders of masculine power'

July 10

Study: 30% of weekly Mass-goers never go to Confession

Philly evangelization head: These are our parish leaders

Navy revises policy on attending worship services

Allowed wherever virus mitigation measures are in use

30% of German Catholics are considering leaving Church

Body representing 20 Protestant groups reports similar

Biden says he'd nix exemption for Little Sisters of Poor

Touts 'Obama-Biden policy' as 'fix' for high court rulings

Five states sue Education Dept. over COVID relief

Say Sec'y DeVos 'tipped scales' to favor private schools

Former NRB chair: ‘Mixed progress’ on clergy sex abuse

'Metropolitan model' for bishop cases has 'loopholes'

July 9

Little Sisters of Poor win third Supreme Court victory

Lawyer rues years of 'petty governments harassing nuns'

BXVI pens emotional letter for his brother's funeral

Thanks Georg for all he's 'done, suffered, and given me'

Vatican hospital separates twins conjoined at head

Girls from C.A.R. have high chance of living normal lives

Indiana bishop suspends priest for criticizing BLM

Doherty quips, 'This bishop says that Black lives matter'

Christian leaders say Lebanon faces famine and ruin

Cardinal scolds political elite for mishandling of crisis

Celebrity Kanye West says PP does 'the devil’s work'

Affirms he's pro-life & 'following the word of the Bible'

July 8

Mississippi bishops decry racism in 4th of July letter

Promote dialogue, 'personal responsibility' for change

New report warns of ‘bleak’ outlook for Iraqi Christians

As fears increase over security, corruption, ISIS terror

Cardinal: World faces 'tsunami' of humanitarian crises

Turkson echoes Pope on global ceasefire during CO19

Native Americans address legacy of boarding schools

Advocates seek acknowledgement, apology from Church

Harry Potter author & 150 others decry free speech loss

Writers, academics denounce illiberal public discourse

Supreme Court shields religious schools from lawsuits

Affirms 'ministerial exception' in hiring, firing decisions

July 7

Archbp. rips Navy policy against attending rel. services

Broglio: The provision is particularly odious to Catholics

Ireland: Church donations fall by 80% during pandemic

Lay and clerical pay reduced; priests agree to 25% cut

Spokane bishop addresses Cath. Charities racism video

In it, CEO said the Church is racist & pushes white Jesus

Poland: Top archbp. claims progress in fighting abuse

After 600 laymen's full-page ad asks Pope to intervene

Marquette U. pressures freshman over pro-Trump video

Admin treats support for sitting president as a crime

Pope omits text on Hong Kong from Angelus address

Sparking reports of Vatican appeasement of Communists

July 6

St. Junípero Serra statue destroyed in Sacramento

On July 4, two weeks after similar topplings in LA, S.F.

Cardinal Dolan in NY Post: Stop demonizing the NYPD

Says there may be a few bad cops but 'they are very rare'

Facing $9M deficit, Lourdes launches online pilgrimage

'Lourdes needs the world, and the world needs Lourdes'

Vatican watchdog skips scandals in annual report

AIF president is mum on police raid, exit of top officials

Massachusetts city attaches rights to polyamory

More than two people can be spouses, collect benefits

Tex. bishop Flores criticizes PP for anti-Mexican slur

PP calls pro-life state senator 'dirty Mexican' in mailer

July 3

Cdl. Zen is prepared to be arrested by Chinese officials

As 'numerous predecessors' have been, the 88-yr-old says

Schoenstatt Movement rejects claims against founder

Says misconduct suspicions were investigated long ago

OH priest indicted on charges of child porn, exploitation

McWilliams was ordained for Diocese of Cleveland in 2017

SF archdiocese 'surprised' by city order to cease Masses

Abp. Cordileone seeking meeting with 'a senior city official'

Fr. James Martin releases video on LGBTQ conference

Starring speakers planned for now-postponed event

Vatican appoints canonist to look into C&L lay assoc'n

After 'repeatedly' asking for reforms but getting none

July 2

Founder of Schoenstatt movement faces allegations

Historian: 1950s Vatican responded correctly, exiled him

Vatican Sec'y of State summons U.S. & Israeli envoys

To express concern over West Bank annexation moves

Turkish court considers status of iconic Hagia Sophia

Orthodox leader warns of sparking ill will against Islam

Indiana bishop suspends priest over BLM comments

Used degrading language to describe left-wing push

U.S. Gallup poll: 70% want more limits on abortions

Pro-life bloc has remained stable amid culture shift left

Youth demand Gandhi statue go from Cal State-Fresno

In Peace Garden with MLK, Cesar Chavez, Jane Addams

July 1

Supreme Court win for religious schools, educ. choice

Ruling calls into question laws passed in anti-Catholic era

Gomez: St. Junipero Serra fought colonial oppression

Saint blamed for abuses that came 'long after his death'

383 new permanent deacons ordained in U.S. in 2019

Meanwhile, 334 deacons retired and another 289 died

Ireland: 6,666 killed during first year of legal abortion

Docs earn double to do abortion versus pregnancy care

Benedict XVI’s brother Georg Ratzinger dies at age 96

Within days of the pope emeritus's visit to say goodbye

260,000 sign petition to block blasphemous 'Habit' film

Wherein Michael Jackson's daughter plays lesbian Jesus

June 30

U.S. bishops decry Supreme Court abortion decision

Decision in Louisiana case 'continues a cruel precedent'

Documents seized from office that manages St. Peter's

Pope appoints commissioner to reform office of upkeep

Fed. executions to resume after SCOTUS denies appeal

At issue was new single-drug lethal injection protocol

New 'ecclesial conference' created for Amazon region

Body composed of laymen, religious, and bishops

Coalition asks emergency federal aid for private schools

100+ Catholic schools have recently announced closure

Grad student criticizes Villanova U's pro-LGBTQ tweet

Voices shame at school's stance, gets bullied by prof

June 29

St. Louis: Young priest, faithful defend St. Louis statue

Protest leader: 'This is not a symbol of our city in 2020'

Nigeria faces 'calculated’ genocide of Christians

False narrative calls it 'clashes' between farmers, herders

Archbp. Viganò: Root of Church's troubles is Vatican II

Council fathers 'deceived' by 'cleverly disguised errors'

China forces birth control, abortion on ethnic minorities

Experts call campaign type of 'demographic genocide'

Anglican leader: Some statues ‘will have to come down'

Among monuments at Canterbury, Westminster Abbey

Report: New Amazon bishops’ conf. to be announced?

To 'continue the task of finding new paths' for mission

June 26

U.S. priest sex-abuse cases cost another $323M in 2019

4,434 allegations involved 4,420 victims, 80% are male

Vatican official questions teen catechesis, Confirmation

Calls long build-up to sacrament 'a kind of blackmail'

Calif.: Catholic youths prevent toppling of Serra statue

Small group surrounds statue in stand-off with mob

Study: Global divide on homosexuality persists

Low acceptance in Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa

DePaul Univ. refuses to cut ties with Chicago police

Rebuffs activists’ demands to end discounted program

World anti-Chinese sentiment is highest since 1989

Moves to extend economic, political reach are backfiring

June 25

Vatican releases new Catholic directory for catechesis

Emphasizes 'dynamic continuity' with its two precedents

Cross, graves defaced at Providence College cemetery

Dominicans 'loudly and unequivocally condemn' the act

Marianists release names of members who abused kids

List 46 out of 2,500 U.S. priests & brothers since 1950

Vandals deface image of Black Madonna in Dutch city

Nonsensical act seen as offensive to Poles & Catholics

Bishops call for better police formation, accountability

'Purpose of law, law enforcement is promotion of justice'

NY PP employees broadcast racist root of abortion biz

'Planned Parenthood was founded by racist white woman'

June 24

Catholic Health head urges Trump to rethink WHO exit

Says US leadership is essential in global health crises

Justice Dept. schools NYC mayor on First Amendment

CO19 rules can't favor protests over religious services

Vatican confirms actively gay Dutch priest’s suspension

Diocese hopes he will return to ministry after guidance

Vatican journal warns against religious nationalism

Which is exploited for popular support, political gain

Catholic removed from Florida State student gov't

For warning that BLM, ACLU advocacy is anti-Catholic

Virginia urges residents to snitch on church services

Sets up hotline, a move which already backfired in NYC