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The New Oxford Review is an orthodox Catholic magazine that explores ideas concerning faith and culture. With a paid circulation of over 12,000, the NOR is published 10 times a year (monthly except for combined January-February and July-August issues). Published under the patronage of St. Vincent Pallotti, the NOR is read on every continent in the world.

The New Oxford Review was founded in 1977 as an Anglo-Catholic magazine in the Anglican tradition, taking its name from the 19th-century Oxford Movement. Like the Movement’s leading luminary, John Henry Newman, the NOR converted to Roman Catholicism in 1983, inspired by the dynamic, thoughtful papacy of John Paul II.

The New Oxford Review has earned a reputation for addressing head-on the full range of issues confronting Holy Mother Church, and doing so with unswerving loyalty to her Pope and Magisterium. Over the years some of the leading Christian thinkers of our times have contributed to our effort to shine the light of faith in an increasingly hostile secular world, including Walker Percy, Sheldon Vanauken, Thomas Howard, Msgr. George A. Kelly, Bobby Jindal, Fr. Stanley L. Jaki, Peter Kreeft, Avery Cardinal Dulles, Germain Grisez, Fr. James V. Schall, John Lukacs, and many others. The NOR continues to present the brightest minds in Catholic journalism today. Each issue is packed with intellectual vibrancy and zeal for Christ.

The New Oxford Review: At the nexus of faith and reason.

The NOR is a nonprofit religious organization and has 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service.

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New Oxford Review Inc.

Pieter Vree

Associate Editor
Michael S. Rose

Managing Editor
Elena M. Vree

Asst. Managing Editor
Teresita Wong

Book Review Editor
Barbara E. Rose

Editor Emeritus
Dale Vree +

Web Editor
Barbara E. Rose

Assistant Web Editor
Marjory Bates

Spanish Translator
Maria Esther Massimino

Copy Editors
Elizabeth Hanink
Stephen J. Kovacs

Contributing Editors
Tom Bethell
L. Brent Bozell +
Judie Brown
Anne Barbeau Gardiner
James G. Hanink
Mitchell Kalpakgian +
Karl Keating
Christopher Lasch +
John Lukacs +
A. James McAdams
William D. Miller +
David Mills
Arthur C. Sippo
William J. Tighe
Sheldon Vanauken +
Alice von Hildebrand

Opinions expressed in the NEW OXFORD REVIEW are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Board of Directors of New Oxford Review Inc. or the persons listed on this masthead.

All letters, parts of letters, or notes pertaining to this magazine or its contents are considered to be offered for possible publication unless marked “Not for publication.”

The NEW OXFORD REVIEW assumes no liability for return of unsolicited manuscripts or material.

The NEW OXFORD REVIEW is indexed in Guide to Social Science and Religion in Periodical Literature, and Index to Book Reviews in Religion.

Those who have material of whatever kind accepted for publication must recognize it is always an editor’s prerogative to edit and shorten said material.