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What Is More Dangerous: Smoking or Homosexuality?

Paul and Kirk Cameron reported on an annual convention at the Eastern Psychological Association on March 23. According to www.LifeSiteNews.com (April 3): “Studies have shown that years of smoking shortens the lifespan of the smoker from 1 to 7 years. Recent analysis of the age of death in Norway and Denmark for gays who are legally married suggests that engaging in homosexual behavior reduces lifespan by 24 years…. In Denmark, the country with the longest history of gay marriage, for 1990-2002, married heterosexual men died at a median age of 74 years, while the 561 partnered gays died at an average age of 51. In Norway, married heterosexual men died at an average age of 77 and the 31 gays at 52 years. In Denmark, married [heterosexual] women died at an average age of 78 years compared to 56 years for the 91 lesbians. In Norway, women married to men died at an average age of 81 versus 56 for the 6 lesbians.”

We are taught that it’s a no-no to smoke. But we’re taught that it’s a yes-yes to accept homosexuality. From a purely medical perspective, something is definitely amiss.

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