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The News You May Have Missed


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Info Dump

For the first time since the 1953 armistice, a North Korean leader crossed into South Korean territory when Kim Jong Un met South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Panmunjom to discuss Kim’s vow to suspend nuclear and long-range missile tests (CBS News, Apr. 26). While Kim agreed to a seat at the table, however, he refused to sit on any public toilets. Instead, Kim took a “personal toilet” with him. The reason? To protect against a literal info dump. According to North Korean defector Lee Yun-keol, “The leader’s excretions contain information about his health status so they can’t be left behind.” There is reportedly a customized bathroom built into Kim’s convoy of vehicles at all times, even when he conducts on-site inspections of military bases and state-run factories in North Korea. “There are multiple vehicles within the convoy so that people cannot tell which one he is in,” said a source familiar with Kim’s Escort Command, “and there is a separate car that acts as his restroom.”

Ring of Masculine Purity

The Japan Sumo Association will consider outside opinions over its much-criticized policy of banning women from entering the sumo ring. The association came under fire when it ordered female first responders to leave the ring as they attempted to administer first aid to an official who had collapsed after suffering a stroke at an event in Kyoto (Associated Press, Apr. 28). Amid worldwide attention, the head of the Japan Sumo Association apologized, saying an official in Kyoto made an “inappropriate response.” The sumo ring, or dohyo, is considered sacred in the male-only sport. Women are banned from entering it because they are seen as “ritually unclean.” The association held an extraordinary meeting of its board, at which it did not reach a decision regarding the ban on women but did clarify that women can enter the ring as an exception during an emergency.

TV Is Such a Drag

Adding more controversial programming to its lineup this year, Netflix has announced plans to air a new animated series about cross-dressing drag queens (Christian Broadcasting Network, June 12). According to the streaming network’s description, Super Drags! follows three department-store workers (Lemon Chiffon, Cran’s Sapphire, and Crimson Scarlet) who deal with an uptight boss by day and transform into superhero drag queens by night, “ready to combat shade and rescue the world’s glitter from the evil villains.” Super Drags! isn’t the only animated drag series hitting your screens this summer. Drag Tots, about transvestite toddlers (Dina Saur, Roxy Moron, Arugala, Donatella Mewhattodoo, and Lady Liber T), is set to premiere on the World of Wonder’s streaming platform, WOW Presents Plus.

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