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The Latest Episode of the Francis Follies


By Pieter Vree | October 2023
Pieter Vree is Editor of the NOR.

We love receiving correspondence from our readers. Believe me, it’s true! Need proof? Check out the lengthy letters section in this (or virtually any) issue. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity — in terms of time or manpower — to respond to or print all or even most of the notes, letters, and emails we get. Nevertheless, we do appreciate hearing what our readers think, even — and perhaps especially — when their opinions are strong and contrarian, and they take us to task for our various missteps or oversights.

One reader, for example, recently sent in a heartfelt handwritten note with her renewal, chastising us for “giving Pope Francis way too much leeway.” He is “a man who has thrown the Catholics of China under the bus, is trying to eradicate the Latin Mass, and so many other things,” wrote Dolores DiMento of Fallbrook, Calif., “including being unclear about what he actually believes!” She wanted to register her “disappointment” in the NOR for failing to address what we might call the ongoing Francis Follies.

We hear you loud and clear, Dolores!

There’s a simple reason for our reticence. We have resisted the urge to parse the many questionable utterances that issue from the Pope’s mouth — we could fill virtually every issue doing so — because the exercise would be exhausting and not a little discouraging.

Microfocus on the Francis Follies quickly leads to an acute case of Francis Fatigue.

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The Latest Episode of the Francis Follies

We resist the urge to parse every questionable utterance that issues from the Pope’s mouth because the exercise is exhausting and not a little discouraging.

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