Volume > Issue > Respect (Rev. 3:20)

Respect (Rev. 3:20)


By Lorraine Bochler Eshleman | November 1986

Gentle Lord, I love You.

You tiptoe ‘cross my heart.

You sit beside me quietly and wait.


For years I lost track of You,

But in some quiet hours

I heard Your gentle tiptoe at my gate.


And even when I opened

The gate to let You in

You tiptoed in with absolute re­spect


Hoping not to scare me

Or make me see too soon

The wondrous, awesome grandeur of my Guest.


How do I know You love me?

It is the quiet peace,

The patient way that You will work with me —


A Sovereign Who tiptoes

And treats with full respect

The one who could be simply prop­erty.

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