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Number One in Spirituality?

When you hear the word “spirituality” you probably think of prayer, humility, a spirit of poverty, detachment from worldly cares, and crucifying pride and willfulness.

There’s a rather new bi-monthly journal called Spirituality, which has an ad in the September 24 Commonweal. The ad asserts that Spirituality gathers “top authors” who present readers with “the best contemporary writing on the life of the spirit,” and the ad quotes Michael Downey as saying “there is simply no better spirituality journal than this one.”

It would seem that Spirituality — going only by its ad — aims to move Pride off the list of Deadly Sins and onto the list of Cardinal Virtues.

Is this the latest thing in spirituality? And if Pride, why not Avarice? Should we expect to see a classified ad in Commonweal or some other avant-garde Catholic mag saying: “SPIRITUAL DIRECTION. I’m Fr. Tops, the best spiritual director in America. In person or by e-mail. (No confessions, please.) Major credit cards accepted. Check out my Website…”?

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