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Is Same-Sex “Marriage” Inevitable?

We got a phone call from a lady asking if we thought same-sex “marriage” in the U.S. will ultimately prevail. We answered with an emphatic yes. She was aghast, saying that this will be the end of civilization as we know it. We reminded her that same-sex “marriage” is nothing compared to legalized baby-killing, which we’ve had for over three decades. She got the picture.

Frankly, we can’t get too excited about same-sex “marriage.” American culture is so degenerate that it hardly makes any difference anymore. Indeed, American culture is so rotten that it makes Stalinist cultural policy — no abortion, no contraception, no premarital sex, no pornography, no homosexuality, no divorce — almost look like the Kingdom of God on earth.

Yes, same-sex “marriage” is the big topic these days. It’s almost impossible to pick up a Catholic periodical without reading about it. We happened to pick up the December 7, 2003, Our Sunday Visitor, which devoted lots of space to the issue. That issue’s four pieces opposing same-sex “marriage” were quite fine, though quite routine. But the cover story was about something else — the Catholic view of war and peace — with a large full-color photo on the cover showing an Iraqi man giving a flower to a female G.I. toting a machine gun. To our mind, the photo of the female G.I. bordered on the obscene.

Does same-sex “marriage” represent gender-blending and sexual confusion? Certainly. And so does a gal brandishing a machine gun. But the feminist Visitor had no sense of the incongruity here.

Look! If a female can swagger with a machine gun, then what’s wrong with a male being a flower arranger? You see, women’s lib (masculine women) legitimizes “gay lib” (effeminate men). Maybe the female G.I. is a lesbian and would like to “marry” and be a “husband.” Can America deny her that right if she put herself in harm’s way in Iraq? And maybe the male flower arranger wants to get “married” and be a “wife.” If a lesbian G.I. can “marry,” then it would be discriminatory to deny the flower arranger the same right. To make a long story short, if there are female G.I.s toting machine guns, then same-sex “marriage” is inevitable.

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