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“I’d Rather Be Roasting Heretics”

At the NOR Gear Shoppe there are T-shirts, tote bags, sweatshirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, beer steins, BBQ aprons, baby bibs, and more with the slogan “I’d Rather Be Roasting Heretics” (accompanied by an illustration of a husband at the BBQ grill and his perky wife holding a salad). We’ve gotten two complaints about the slogan.

Hey, don’t take it literally. It’s a joke. What it means — with our characteristic hyperbole — is that we’d love to see the heretics and dissenters run out of town — that is, out of the Church.

Of all the slogans (“Turbo Catholicism,” “Get in Fighting Trim!,” “Enraging Liberal Catholics Since 1977,” etc.), by far the most popular is “I’d Rather Be Roasting Heretics.” We’ve even been asked to make bumper strips, and we’ve complied.

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