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February 2002

Welcome Home! Stories of Fallen Away Catholics Who Came Back

By Victor R. Claveau

Publisher: Ignatius

Pages: 318

Price: $14.95

No experience in life, no matter how fantastic or seemingly trivial, falls outside the realm of God’s Providence. This mysterious yet simple tenet of Christian belief is borne out in the “reversion” stories of Welcome Home! This compilation contains 11 separate, personal accounts, making it a good night-table book or a handy source of inspiration during lunch break.

A wide range of experiences led these people back to the Faith: For example, a desperate man’s rescue from the despair brought on by drug abuse and squandered wealth to a young couple’s search for the Truth which first led them away from the Church but eventually brought them home. Here is a book of private but profound miracles, of a watchful Providence leading people through experiences which, in the end, bring them back home, strengthened in their Catholic Faith.

Life is a Blessing: A Biography of Jerome Lejeune

By Clara Lejeune

Publisher: Ignatius

Pages: 155

Price: $12.95

This book, a pleasure to read, is a reminder that truly great men are great in faith and family before the greatness of their pursuits. Clara Lejeune has painted a portrait of true Christian charity, of what it means to live entirely for others.

This biography of her father, Jerome Lejeune, gives us a glimpse into the everyday life of a pioneer in the field of genetics whose research provided scientific ammunition in the battle against abortion. We see him not as a mere scientist but as a man rich in faith, family, and charity. His unswerving commitment to the Catholic Church coupled with his fearless defense of the disinherited of this world brought him into close friendship with the Holy Father.

The love he bore for, and received from, his wife, children, and grandchildren produced a man of hope, joy, and great wit. But this happy man was hated by many, including some with great power and influence, who incessantly sought to crush him. This book reveals the source of the zeal for public battle for which Lejeune was famous.

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