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Bishop Morlino Discusses the ‘Dictatorship of Relativism’

On April 7 the Third Annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast was held. Its list of sponsors includes Linda Chavez, Robert P. George, Mary Ann Glendon, Deal Hudson, Leonard Leo, Richard John Neuhaus, Robert Royal, Austin Ruse, George Weigel, et al. It’s just another neoconservative front group.

Hudson was Chair of the Republican National Committee’s Catholic Outreach. Since Hudson has become radioactive, he’s been replaced by Leonard Leo (who is one of the five Board of Directors of the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast).

At both the Second and Third Annual Catholic Prayer Breakfasts, President George W. Bush addressed the crowd. Announcements for the Third Prayer Breakfast said, “We expect more than 2,000 faithful Catholics from all over the country.” According to Our Sunday Visitor (April 23), only 1,600 attended. It looks like Bush is becoming radioactive too.

The Keynote Address at the Third Prayer Breakfast was given by Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wis. He attempted to “unpack” (i.e., give meaning to) the phrase, the “dictatorship of relativism.” The day before Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope, he uttered the now-famous phrase, the “dictatorship of relativism.” It’s hard to imagine what a “dictatorship of relativism” could be. There can be a dictatorship of absolutism. There can be an anarchy of relativism, a democracy of relativism, a liberty of relativism. But a “dictatorship of relativism” almost sounds oxymoronic. The destruction of Christian morality in the West is not the result of any “dictatorship of relativism.” It’s the result of a “democracy and liberty of relativism,” for it has not been imposed by any dictator. Most democratic people support moral relativism or acquiesce to it.

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