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We Blew It!


By Dale Vree | January 2000

Our November 1999 editorial on “The Revolution in the Catholic Church” spoke of how the Church is at a critical juncture in her history, and how Catholic liberals and dissenters are — as they wait for Pope John Paul II to die — working hard to be able to dictate the kind of man our next pope will be so that the revolution will be better able to continue its long march through the Church.

We also spoke of why we lost $37,000 last year, why we need to replace those funds, and why we need to raise an additional $60,000 to enable us to be more effective in our efforts to defeat the revolution in the Church.

We asked you, our readers, to donate to the cause, but here’s where we blew it: We gave you our address but transposed two numbers in our zip code. We typeset our own zip code incorrectly, and the error slid right through the several rounds of proofreading each issue undergoes. (An occupational hazard in proofreading is seeing what one expects to see rather than what’s on the page, especially when it’s something familiar.)

As the old rhyme warns, “for want of a nail, a shoe was lost, for want of a shoe, a horse was lost,” and so on, right up to the losing of the battle. To make sure that for want of a digit your mail wouldn’t be lost, we quickly tracked down the zip code we had printed. It turns out to belong to the little town of Agness, Oregon. Agness’s friendly and competent postmaster, Sandy, confirmed that mail for the NOR was indeed coming to Agness. Sandy had been forwarding, and continues to forward, letters to us, and we are grateful for that. But it’s possible that some letters were returned to their senders. If your letter has come back to you, please accept our embarrassed apology. We encourage you to turn right around and send your donation to us at this correct address and zip code: NEW OXFORD REVIEW, 1069 Kains Ave., Berkeley CA 94706.

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