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The Devil Laughs When Children Die

In this issue, contributing editor Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer concludes his Líbera Nos a Malo column series with an eye-opening description of the demonic nature of the abortion industry. Fr. Euteneuer likens the modern-day abortion landscape to the biblical Valley of Slaughter, the site of ritual child sacrifices to the pagan god Baal (also known as Moloch). This is a column not to be missed.

Fr. Euteneuer writes, “Abortionists offer ritual blood sacrifice to that ancient demon of child murder. Their work is in every way the key ritual of a demonic religion.” Every once in a while, a media report will surface that ought to confirm for the general public Father’s understanding of the true nature of this “profit-driven, raw killing machine” — an understanding that has been formed through decades of exposure to the abortion industry’s largely hidden dark aspects. An incident in Italy this past April offered appropriable insight.

As reported by Simon Caldwell in London’s Telegraph (Apr. 29), an Italian mother, pregnant with her first child, elected to abort the 22-week-old after prenatal tests revealed that the child had a cleft lip and palate — one of the most common congenital deformities, and one that is nowhere near life-threatening. A cleft lip and palate can be corrected with a series of procedures that commence shortly after birth, and might later require extra dental care and/or speech therapy. As far as affecting a child’s “quality of life,” this condition is rather mild.

Nevertheless, she targeted her son for termination. The abortion was performed on April 24 at the Rossano Calabro hospital in southern Italy.

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