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Pacifying Men & Boys

Continuing its pacification program (see above), Our Sunday Visitor (June 10) presents a column by Ron Seigel on masculine malignity, suggesting that males need to embrace feminine traits such as affection, connection, and caring.

Seigel notes that “most men” today are concerned with “what it means to be male, what it takes to be a ‘real man.'” Well, that’s news to us. Rather, it seems that most men are quite confused about what it means to be a male and don’t even want to think about what it takes to be a real man — and that this pathetic state of affairs is due to the battering our culture has taken from the forklift feminists over the past thirty years.

In making his case against masculine malignity, Seigel leans on William Pollack, “a secular psychological researcher” at Harvard Medical School, who indicates that the “strict rules of masculinity” in American culture are to blame.

Ah yes, men with long hair, men with “highlighted” hair, ponytailed men, men sporting earrings in one or both ears, men with gaudy bracelets and necklaces, men wearing pink shirts, men going to hairstylists and getting all perfumed up, men getting buttocks “enhancements,” men with purses hanging from their shoulders, men fearful of speaking standard English and adopting the Feminese dialect, fathers giving their little boy a plastic tea set and their little girl metal trucks, men becoming nurses and daycare providers while women become policemen and soldiers, men abandoning the responsibilities of fatherhood, men abdicating their God-given duty to be heads of their families, etc., not to mention men flaunting their homosexuality.

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