Volume > Issue > New Oxford Notes: September 2018

New Oxford Notes: September 2018

Uncle Ted McCarrick: Queen Pin of the Lavender Mafia

Many, many priests and bishops knew Theodore McCarrick was a serial molester and yet, somehow, McCarrick got the ultimate appointment to the Archdiocese of Washington D.C., and was elevated to the rank of cardinal.


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The Crisis in Biblical Scholarship

Just as historians crank out “revisionist” history, theologians remake the image of Jesus in order to reshape everything from doctrine to architecture.

Last Things: May 2021

Catholicism offers so many material things that convey God's grace: holy water, candles, relics. What's eating a little holy dirt when you've found God through all those things?

An Answer to Jacques Servais

We are told Speyr's books are for "meditation and adoration," not for the "use" of the scholarly. This is a false dichotomy. Speyr is not canonized, after all.