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Can Ireland Be Saved?


By Thomas Storck | April 1997
Thomas Storck, who is of German and English ancestry, is a librarian in Washington, D.C., and a Contributing Editor of the NOR.

Recently I sat in the bar of the Montrose Hotel in south Dublin, drinking Guinness and talking with Richard Greene, elected member of the Dublin County Council, and founder and leader of Ireland’s newest political party, Muintir na hEireann, which means the People of Ireland.

I suspect that readers of NEW OXFORD REVIEW will be as excited as I was on seeing the statement of the party’s principles and policies, which include the following:

Muintir na hEireann is a new political party representing Christian values, and not the hedonistic, materialistic and atheistic values of a secular society.

As a Nation, we have forgotten that the purpose of life is the perfection of the Soul, and not the pursuit of power, pleasure and wealth….

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