Volume > Issue > Letter to the Editor: July-August 1998

July-August 1998

Almost Overwhelmed

I was almost overwhelmed by my tears as I read in your June issue about the failure of our bishops — in Brazil (editoriab| in England (article by Alberto Carosa), and in South Africa (guest column by Joanne Butler). What suffering our Holy Father must be enduring, as the Blessed Mother foretold at Fatima!

Your June editorial (entitled “Surprise!”) manifests a courage, a fortitude, that is a gift of the Holy Spirit. You encourage me to count on that gift as we “get down in the muddy trenches with Augustine [et al.].” You urge me on!

Our ultimate strength is knowing that “Christ enables us to live in Him all that He Himself lived…” (Catechism, #521). It seems that we orthodox Catholics are going through the awful experience of Calvary. As Christ lives out His life in us His members, there will likely be a time when we appear to be losing everything, as He appeared to be doing on the Cross. But we also know He will live out in us His Resurrection. That’s what you help me understand. I gladly enclose my small donation to your cause, and I promise my prayers.

Abraham L. Heck

Needham, Massachusetts

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