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It Could Be Worse

A strong point of evangelical Protestantism is The Youth Group. Tremendous effort is put into getting young people saved and active in church (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), and The Youth Group is the entrée.

We Catholics can complain about the absence of a youth group in most parishes, and about the mediocre or misleading religious instruction offered up in many Catholic schools and CCD programs. But, hey, it could be worse.

The Youth Group in evangelical Protestantism is in deep trouble. Writing in the staunchly Evangelical weekly, World (Aug. 24), Gene Edward Veith tells us with a heavy heart about what’s been going on lately in The Youth Group: “There is ‘Sanctuary Softball,’ which involves whacking a nerf ball in church, with home plate being the area of the altar,” and running through the pews as the fielder tries to hit the runner with the ball to make an out. “Another fun activity is ‘Seafood Catch,’ which involves putting minnows in the baptistry, then catching them by hand.” We Catholics worry about the profanation of our churches, as we should, but has it gotten this bad?

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