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If You Want to Help Your Miseducated Priest…

Catholic apologists like to point out to Protestants that the New Testament is a Catholic book, for it was assembled (amidst many contenders) by the Catholic Church and authenticated by her. But why, then, do so many evangelical Protestants diligently study their New Testament while so many Catholics neglect it? And why, in reviewing catalogues from Christian publishers, do we notice that the evangelical Protestant catalogues are full of all kinds of commentaries on the Bible whereas commentaries are conspicuously absent from most Catholic catalogues?

We are therefore pleased to be able to recommend a fine orthodox Catholic commentary on the New Testament called The Navarre Bible (in which the translation of the New Testament used is the Revised Standard Version, which is free of so-called inclusive language).

While we have not read the entire 12-volume commentary containing some 2,700 pages, we have gone over many passages that are misused by modernizers or have suddenly become controversial. No, the commentary does not hit the nail on the head in every case, but very often it does, and it will not lead the Catholic Bible student down the wrong path.

To give you the flavor of the commentary, we have selected four New Testament passages.

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