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Consider the Fruits

So you have an orthodox Catholic friend who says, strangely, that he’s still not quite sure priestesses are doctrinally illegitimate. Well, he should be: Rome has spoken definitively, infallibly. But, for the sake of your friend, let’s put doctrine aside here. The Women’s Ordination Conference did a nationwide survey of Catholic women who feel “called” to the priesthood. As reported in the National Catholic Reporter (Sept. 24, 1999), 74 percent of the “called” said “abortion can be a morally acceptable choice in some circumstances, and even more thought premarital sex can be morally acceptable [and that] the church should ordain openly gay and lesbian people….” (Note: If premarital sex is fine, and if “accidents” happen — as they do — then abortion is likely to be regarded as fine in such circumstances.)

So if your friend isn’t sure about the Priestess Tree, have him consider its poisonous fruits.

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