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Changing of the Guard


By Pieter Vree | October 2008
Pieter Vree is Editor of New Oxford Review.

The New Oxford Review has been under the tutelage of one Editor, Dale Vree, for over 30 years. He has guided the NOR from its origins as the newsletter of the (Anglican) American Church Union to its current status as a Roman Catholic magazine widely recognized as the voice of orthodox Catholicism in the U.S., with a readership that spans every continent in the world (save Antarctica). Under his direction, the NOR has experienced remarkable growth and remarkable exposure, earning fame — and infamy — for speaking out on topics that others would rather sweep under the ecclesiastical carpet. It has been a remarkable run.

But a time of change has come to the NOR. Due to advancing age and declining health, Dale has decided to officially step down as Editor of the NOR. Over the past year he has been handing over the editorial duties to me, his son, Pieter Vree, your erstwhile Deputy Editor. In truth, I have been acting as Editor for some time now as Dale has been preparing for retirement. The transition is now complete; I have taken over as Editor of the NOR. We have striven to make the transition as seamless as possible.

I have been privileged to study at Dale’s feet for the past eight-plus years. More significantly, I have learned from him as a son learns from his father. He is a man of tremendous faith, unbothered by the concerns of the world, and unsolicitous of the praise of men. Early on in my employ with the NOR, I asked my father to identify the most important quality an editor must possess. He replied, unhesitatingly, “guts.” Indeed, courage is one of the four cardinal virtues. Christ tells us to fear not those who would destroy the body, but those who destroy the soul. “Guts” has been one of the defining characteristics of the NOR under Dale’s leadership.

Dale will be staying on with us in an advisory capacity; his name will be permanently affixed atop our masthead as Editor Emeritus. His mark on this magazine is indelible. But the NOR is not, and has never been, a “one-man show.” It has always been a collaborative effort between our many writers, editors, NOR Associates, and subscribers. We at the NOR are privileged to have an extended family of over 12,000 souls.

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