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Burn, Baby, Burn!

We were recently romping our way through Volume 5.6 of Envoy magazine. Yes, we know “Volume 5.6” is vague and not very helpful, but Envoy doesn’t carry dates anymore. All we can say is that we received Volume 5.6 in early June 2002, and if Envoy had put a date on it, it would be the November-December 2001 issue by our reckoning (we have back issues). We don’t mention this to embarrass Envoy, for everyone knows Envoy is way behind schedule. What is perhaps cause for embarrassment is how Envoy seems to want to hide exactly how far behind it is. Cover-ups, and even the appearance of cover-ups, are bad business, especially in Catholic precincts.

As we say, everyone knows Envoy is tardy, big-time. Golly, the 5.6 Envoy carries a column by Pat Madrid, the Editor-in-Chief (and Funnyman-in-Chief?), titled “Pat’s Top 10 Excuses Why Envoy Magazine Is Behind Schedule.” Excuse #3: “We promised you six smokin’ hot issues a year — we never said which year.” Good one, Pat!

But, Pat, put dates on your magazine. C’mon! Let your subscribers know exactly how far behind you are. Envoy is a one-of-a-kind magazine. Your subscribers will understand. They won’t abandon you.

As we were saying, we were frolicking our way through the 5.6 Envoy. After enjoying Pat’s column, we came across an article by Scott Hahn, Ph.D., entitled “What Does the Bible Teach Us About the ‘Most Elusive’ Person of the Trinity?” The article is about the Holy Spirit, it’s definitely not a humor piece, and it’s scandalously fallacious.

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