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The U.S. Catholic Church Is Sinking Fast

The March 9th National Catholic Reporter (NCR) reported on two recent sociological surveys of Catholics.

One survey, conducted by Vincent Bolduc at St. Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont, collected data on more than 1,600 students at five Catholic colleges. According to NCR, “Bolduc said young Catholic students he studied are steeped in a national culture that often regards the Catholic sexual prohibitions against premarital sex, artificial birth control, abortion, divorce, women priests and homosexual behavior as anachronistic.” These are the future Catholics.

The other survey (the full report is in NCR, Sept. 30, 2005) was conducted by William V. D’Antonio, James Davidson, Dean Hoge, and Mary Gauthier.

They found that, among highly committed Catholics, 62 percent support priestesses.

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