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The Grotesque World of Today’s Sex Education


By Arthur J. Delaney | May 1996

Now that the Pontifical Commission for the Family, in its recent publication, The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, has again centered the moral spotlight on sex education in the schools, perhaps parents will at long last be shocked enough to examine the present situation and do something about it. The Commission’s document underscores the fact that most parents have been heedless of previous warnings from all kinds of sources about what goes on in the name of sex education. The document stresses that parents not only have a serious obligation and right to act in educational matters, but their rights and duties are inalienable, primary, and cannot be wholly delegated. Not only are parents obligated to act, they are the only ones who can effectively bring order to the current educational chaos.

Public education has changed radically in recent years, especially in the area of sex education. If you are a member of the tax-paying public, supporting our schools and hoping for the best, what I have to say will merely stun you. If you are a parent of students involved in public education, especially in one of our large urban/suburban school districts, what I have to say will be a traumatic shock.

This article will in large part be offensive both in language and content, but keep in mind that much of the material discussed here is already in effect and may be having an impact on your children. Imagine the effect on immature and developing adolescent minds if mature and educated adults are so offended. Some of the more tender of heart and delicate of conscience may find some parts of this article so repugnant, abhorrent, and repulsive that they may choose to stop reading. This would be a major mistake for three reasons: (1) This is exactly the decision that boards of education and educational bureaucrats want you to make, allowing them to continue doing what they want unchallenged. (2) It would be to abandon your children to the mercy of the educational advocates who have become the willing ideological propagandists for the free sex movement, which is intent on sexually engineering children to its own image and likeness, and which is more interested in excitation than education, in pleasure more than principle. (3) It would be to forfeit your basic and inalienable right to educate your children in conformity with your moral and religious convictions, insuring that your children are not compelled to attend classes and programs at variance with your and their own moral and religious convictions.

Parents have the original, primary, and inalienable right to educate their children, and it is the place of the school to assist them. But rights not asserted are rights lost by default. Parental rights are not self-enforcing; they have to be exercised by vigilant and concerned parents. Parents are therefore obligated to participate in the formal academic process at least to the extent of knowing just what is going on and exactly what their children are being taught and by whom. In short, parents are obligated to ask about the educational process, and the schools have a duty to inform both parents and the public about what is happening educationally.

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