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The Battles Ahead


By Dale Vree | October 2002
We are pleased to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal and slightly exceeded it. What this means is that we have gotten our financial house in order, and that we are and will be able to handle the postal rate increases that hit on June 30. All in all, it means we're prepared for the battles ahead.

The terrain on which the battles for orthodoxy are being and will be fought is rugged. Recently, ten nonliberal Catholic periodicals — some rather lackluster but others truly outstanding — have fallen by the wayside, ceased publication. That’s a shocking, chilling figure. We suspect there will be further fatalities as a result of a shaky economy, and more so as a result of the priestly sex scandals and episcopal cover-ups, as good Catholics lose heart, lose confidence that the Church will be able to get to the root of the rot — most spectacularly the moral corruption among clerics, but also the theological, educational, liturgical, and architectural decay that seems to be spreading regardless of what the Holy See says or does.

The battles ahead are daunting, and many have fallen (late word: another orthodox paper, Credo, with a circulation of some 40,000, is shutting down). But, along with the others that remain, the NEW OXFORD REVIEW is still standing.

And the NOR is not giving up. More than that, we’re in good fighting trim and financially prepared to face the future. We’re not content to just play defense. We’re on the offensive, on the move.

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