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So Transparent

A Washington Post story (May 7) notes that Theodore Cardinal McCarrick of D.C. (who heads the bishops’ task force on how to deal with pro-abortion Catholic politicians) “is not comfortable denying Communion to Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.) and other Catholic members of Congress who support abortion rights.”

The story reports that Judie Brown’s American Life League is beginning “a $500,000 print ad campaign targeting bishops who are reluctant to punish Catholic politicians for taking policy positions that defy the church. The first ad shows Jesus in agony on the cross and asks: ‘Cardinal McCarrick: Are you comfortable now?'”


The story reports this about the general idea of denying Communion: “‘Once you open this door, what’s going to come rolling through it?’ asked Deal W. Hudson, editor of the magazine Crisis and a key Catholic ally of the Bush administration. ‘Pretty soon, no one would be taking Communion.'”

Domenico Bettinelli, Managing Editor of The Catholic World Report, had a quick response on his Bettnet.com weblog: Describing Hudson’s remark as “weird,” Bettinelli asks Hudson, “are you suggesting that everyone is in mortal sin?”

The Post story also reports this: “Hudson said he believes the denial of Communion should begin, and end, with Kerry.”

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