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By Brent T. Zeringue | July/August 2003
Brent T. Zeringue is a father of nine living in Destrehan, Louisiana, and is founder and coordinator of KEPHA, an organization of fathers and sons promoting the Catholic faith through apologetics, brotherhood, charity, mortification, and prayer.

Over the years Americans have witnessed debates over whether tax money should be used to fund “art” showing a crucifix submerged in urine or one man urinating into another man’s mouth. But shouldn’t the real debate be about whether we should allocate funds to give these artists a basic lesson in potty training?

Which incident best illustrates the art of hypocrisy, the Pharisee who waved his accusatorial finger at the woman caught in adultery or the President who waved his finger at the Americans who caught him in adultery?

If women conceived baby harp seals, would Al Gore be prolife?

In Oakland County, Michigan, a four-year sentence was dished out to a man who killed a cat by grabbing its legs and dashing its head against a railing. Many are thrilled that something is finally being done to protect felines from killers. After all, how could the residents of Oakland County, home of Dr. Jack Kervorkian, ever sleep at night if they allowed this senseless killings to go on?

If God were an atheist, would atheists believe in Him then?

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