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Liberal Catholic Father, Muslim Son

A reader sent us a news clip from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (April 24) about Daniel Maguire, a former Catholic priest and longtime Professor of Moral Theology at Marquette University in Milwaukee, who is upset that Cardinal Ratzinger is the new Pope. The author of the story, Jim Stingl, interviewed Maguire in his home.

Stingl says: “He’s made news with his pro-choice views on abortion and assisted suicide, support for same-sex marriage and ordination of women…. Maguire said he doesn’t believe Jesus died for our sins…” What caught Stingl’s attention was a photo on the wall of then-Cardinal Ratzinger with Daniel’s son, Tom, in 1986 at the Vatican. Cardinal Ratzinger happened to be passing by, and Daniel asked Cardinal Ratzinger if he could snap a photo of him with Tom. The Cardinal obliged.

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