Volume > Issue > Letter to the Editor: February 1999

February 1999

Clowns at Calvary?

A local parish held its Fall Festival recently and had an outdoor Mass — with two clowns in full costume. Scripture doesn’t mention any clowns at Calvary or at the Last Supper. Your ad with the drawing of “St. Bozo” and the headline “Does St. Bozo’s Parish No Longer Amuse You?” happens to be quite uncanny. Subscription check enclosed.

Mrs. Ed Hummel

St. Mary's High School

Green Bay, Wisconsin

I really like your ads — they tell it like it is. I especially like the one about “St. Bozo’s Parish.” Many parishes are no longer places to worship God with reverence and a sense of majesty and mystery — they have become circuses. How this has happened is beyond me.

Fr. Rawley Myers

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Informing the World

If wishy-washy Catholic periodicals will not print your ads, keep running them in other Catholic periodicals and in secular periodicals! It does my heart good when I see your ads in secular publications, for you are informing the secular world that the frivolous activities of Father Flaky, Sister Mod, and Bishop Weak are not what the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is really about.

Constantino N. Santos

Atascadero, California

May "It" Go Away

I’ve been a subscriber for some years and continue to enjoy the NOR. Obviously, I am aware of the ad controversy, and I wrote one or two letters on your behalf.

Your November editorial on the controversy was entitled “The Issue That Won’t Go Away.” Now I write to you, asking that “it” go away.

May I suggest that you sit down with your counterparts at Our Sunday Visitor and the National Catholic Register, and wrap it up. Scripture tells us to work with our brothers privately before involving others. Surely our plate is full with dissenters, people leaving the Church, catechetical problems, Catholics using contraceptives and supporting abortion, and confusion about the Real Presence.

Please take some initiative here. Recently I met Bob Lockwood of Our Sunday Visitor and Fr. Kearns of the Register. While variance in style and approach is good, I can’t accept that the three of you would be anything but strong allies in the Faith.

J.P. Stanton

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

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