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April 2000

Two Sciences: Creationist vs. Evolutionist

I was pleased to read Thomas Lessl saying (in “Darwinism, Dawkinism & Christian Accommodationism,” Feb.) that “it was the established scientific com-

munity…that was responsible for putting Church officials up to the persecution of Galileo” and that “the Catholic cardinals who prosecuted Galileo (many others were his allies) were taking a position similar to the accommodationist stance” of many Christians today who are so docile toward the evolutionist ideology.

But I was not pleased with Lessl’s support of the Pope’s 1996 address on evolution. Pope John Paul II is a great spiritual leader and brilliant world leader, but he’s definitely not a scientist, and he needs new scientific advisors. The Pope inadvertently blundered in his statements favorable to evolution.

While neither the creationist nor evolutionist model can be “proved,” our knowledge is more consistent with that of the creationist — e.g., the lack of transitional fossil forms and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

An easy-to-read book on creation science is the 1999 edition of Creation Rediscovered by Gerald J. Keane (TAN Publishers) while a more complex treatment can be found in Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics by Duane T. Gish (Institute for Creation Research). For those in — or visiting — San Diego County, I recommend a visit to the Museum of Creation and Earth History (619-448-0900).

Frank Grabarits, M.D.

San Diego, California

You Orthodox Bigots!

There are about 44,000 priests and 30 million adult lay Catholics in America. Yet you only have some 15,800 subscribers! Especially given your low subscription price, this indicates that you are rejected by the vast majority! The reason for this is your dogmatic, authoritarian, and orthodox stance, which may be fine for Catholic bigots, but which is not welcome in a free, democratic society. Cancel my subscription!

Louis J. Mihalyi

Newland, North Carolina

An Insider Speaks

Your February editorial makes persuasive arguments in evaluating the Our Sunday Visitor-funded book, The Mission and Future of the Catholic Press. Moreover, that Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) trumpets its willingness to “tackle controversial issues” while rejecting your controversial ads is hypocritical.

Should some of your readers think this letter is written by a knee-jerk NOR fan who only has your editorial to go by, let me tell them that I am a former OSV employee (I left for personal, not policy, reasons). As I knew it, OSV was a stalwart conservative Catholic publishing house that would allow no compromise. And I knew Bob Lockwood, who recently quit as OSV’s Publisher, as a fun-loving guy. I really liked him.

OSV’s editorial policy has “evolved.” I, like you, have been shocked by OSV’s recent liberal tilt. If OSV continues in this regrettable direction, Bishop D’Arcy (the head of OSV’s Board of Directors) may be pleased, but Archbishop John F. Noll (OSV’s founder) will turn over in his grave.

John E. Covell

Brunswick, Georgia

Oops, There Go The Dominoes?

In your February editorial you said that Our Sunday Visitor Inc. “publishes 10 periodicals” and then you added parenthetically, “oops, make that nine, for we’ve just learned that its magazine Catholic Heritage is ceasing publication.”

Well, oops, make that eight, for I’ve just learned from a friend that Christian Beginnings will be disappearing from OSV’s periodical line-up this year. And before Catholic Heritage died, OSV’s Catholic Insight expired.

I find all this quite saddening. If another “oops” will be required in the near future, we’ll have to talk about falling dominoes.

R.T. O'Brien

Boston, Massachusetts

Dismayed? You Betcha!

The letter (Feb.) from Jim Grisham of Dearborn — a metro-suburb of Detroit — is typical of the bravado found here in the Archdiocese of Detroit, part of the Midwestern liberal Catholic hub. Sadly, Grisham appears to have been indoctrinated in the modernistic liturgics first introduced here in the Detroit area and left unchecked during the reign of John Cardinal Dearden, continuing uninterrupted now under Adam Cardinal Maida.

About his parish, Grisham announces: “We don’t have kneelers.” But why on earth wouldn’t a true Roman Catholic kneel in the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ at the Consecration? Grisham continues: “There is conversation before and after Mass.” But why would a loyal Catholic treat attendance at Mass as a social affair with chattering and yakking-it-up before and after Mass when the presence of Our Lord and King calls for devout and reverent silence? Grisham goes on: “We…raise our hands during the Lord’s Prayer.” But why would a dedicated Catholic imitate a yoga posture during the Our Father? An astute Catholic should know that in his final hour he will face God as a single soul, not as a cog in a “communal celebration.”

Am I dismayed? You betcha! The modernistic, New Age elitists have replaced Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with a Jesus who is our buddy and pal, oozing with touchie-feelie forgiveness, holding none of us accountable so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. They have stolen my Church. They have soiled the Bride of Christ and treated her like a slut. Lord have mercy on them!

Grisham also announced he is not renewing his subscription to the NOR. So to the NOR I say: Keep up the honest and hard-hitting commentary! The truth must always be spoken!

Marilyn O'Brien

Troy, Michigan

Drowsiness Cured!

It was a long day. I was tired and sleepy. But my first issue of your magazine (February) arrived, and it begged for a glance.

Wow! My desire to sleep disappeared. I read every page. I’m so glad I succumbed to your outlandish ads.

Mrs. J. Gajdos

Riverside, California

"I Worship Earth"

Arguments can be made for or against the existence of god. However, hard proof doesn’t exist for either position. Therefore, I choose agnosticism, an option not mentioned in Paul Vitz’s article, “Why Are People Atheists?” (Jan.). Vitz implies that unless you believe in god, you lack spirituality and meaning in life, being caught up in materialism. I disagree. As an agnostic, I worship Earth. I worship her mountains and oceans and deserts and trees. I worship her lions and snakes and pigeons and humans. I worship the sun and the moon and the whole vast sky. And I practice mindfulness, by living for the experience of Nature’s unfathomable powers and not for the next paycheck, the new car, or new clothes.

Samuel Levis

Boulder, Colorado

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