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Hit Men For Opus Dei

Mark Shea has a blog on the Internet. Shea doesn’t like the NOR. He is a columnist for the Legionaries’ National Catholic Register, he still writes for Crisis (he thought Deal Hudson’s sexual predation should not have been made public), and he’s a great pal of Scott Hahn. So he has many reasons for being hostile to the NOR.

On his blog of October 13, he says that the NOR has declared Hahn “a closet feminist who is (I’m not making this up) lobbying for gay marriage.” Well, yes, he is making it up. Hahn is not lobbying for “gay marriage,” but he is, whether he knows it or not, validating it, and we are not the only ones who think so. Hahn regards the Holy Spirit as feminine or female. Here’s what we said in our New Oxford Note, “Burn, Baby, Burn” (Sept. 2002): “Now, Mary was female, and if the Holy Spirit is female or feminine, then Jesus had two mommies, and presto, ‘gay’ is good and so is ‘gay marriage.’ Dr. Hahn goes so far as to say the Holy Spirit is ‘bridal’ and that ‘Mary’s maternity is mystically one with that of …the Spirit.’ The imagery here is blatantly and scandalously lesbian. Feminist theologians and the Queer cheerleaders have been campaigning for a feminine Holy Spirit for decades. How odd — how depressing, actually — to see Dr. Hahn jump on the bandwagon.”

But this is just the prelude. Shea jumps on us for publishing an article by Robert Sungenis (Oct. 2005). Sungenis, says Shea, is “insisting on geocentrism and a non-rotational earth as crucial aspects of a truly biblical Faith,… tracing the sinister conspiracy of Einstein to homosexualize the priesthood, and…offering his thoughts on the Jews coupled with carefully researched information lifted from Nazi sources, warning us of President Roosevelt’s sinister Jewish ancestry. He also does a fine job of alerting us to Pope Paul VI’s Jewish ancestry.” The NOR knows nothing of these writings of Sungenis (even assuming that Shea is reporting them correctly).

On Shea’s blog forum, John L. asks Shea: “Did you actually read the [Sungenis] article before criticizing NOR for printing it?” In subsequent posts by Shea, he avoids answering the question. Obviously, Shea did not read the article.

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