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Emotionally Unintelligent?

We return once again to radio talk shows. We’ve had occasion to mention Air America, an upstart, very liberal talk-show station. In the evening there is a show called The Majority Report (it should be called The Minority Report), hosted by Janeane Garofalo, the actress and comedienne, and Sam Seder, a rather intelligent fellow. As we noted in a New Oxford Note (May), “Garofalo seems to be out of her depth, often interrupting with inane comments….” She’s also given to screaming rants.

Garofalo’s guru is Freud, and she’ll often refer to someone as being “emotionally unintelligent.” What does that mean?

We remember when Garofalo had a guest on the show. He and she argued, and he shut her down completely. After he left, she announced that she would never let that man on her show again. Garofalo should look herself in the mirror, for maybe that’s what it means to be emotionally unintelligent?

Garofalo also says that anyone who is “anti-gay” is a “closet gay.” How she knows this is anyone’s guess. Is this what is meant by emotionally unintelligent?

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