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Caelum et Terra Readers: Welcome!


By Dale Vree | April 1997

It is with sadness that we announce that there’s been a death in the family of orthodox Catholic periodicals: Caelum et Terra (Heaven & Earth) has, after over five years of publication, folded. Aesthetically much more attractive than the NEW OXFORD REVIEW, C&T presented the beauty and romance of Catholicism, along with a strong emphasis on social justice, in the Chestertonian and Franciscan senses. C&T’s brave and visionary Editor, Daniel Nichols, put out his quarterly magazine when he wasn’t working his regular 40-hours-a-week job — no easy task!

The NOR has agreed to service the unexpired subscriptions of C&T readers. So, to our new readers from C&T, we say: Welcome! (C&T subscribers who already subscribe to the NOR will have the unexpired term on their C&T subscriptions added to their NOR subscriptions.)

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