Volume > Issue > Bookmark: March 2002

March 2002

The One Minute Philosopher

By Montague Brown

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Pages: 198

Price: $19.95

The One Minute Philosopher is a book about distinctions with a wealth of applications and uses for everyone, philosopher or not. Whether you are a student trying to understand the distinction between reason and logic, or a parent trying to explain to your child the difference between a healthy self-confidence and the conceit of pride, this book will come to your aid.

Brown presents a wide array of commonly used and commonly confused terms in order to teach his readers their proper meanings and uses. As the title suggests, this is not a dense philosophical lexicon, though he does offer suggestions for further reading on each word. He gives us a quick reference guide that is easy to understand. Thank you, Prof. Brown, for clear, concise definitions and comparisons written in plain English.

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