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Agreed Statement on the Separation of the NEW OXFORD REVIEW from the American Church Union


At a special meeting of the governing Council of the American Church Union (ACU) on July 28, 1983, it was decided to separate legally the New Oxford Review from the ACU (theretofore the publisher of the NOR).

The underlying reason for having taken such action was that, while the ACU and the NOR have many overlapping theological commitments, they have come to represent somewhat different constituencies. Whereas the ACU has for many years been and continues to be an Episcopalian/Anglican organization, the New Oxford Review has had an increasingly Roman Catholic readership.

The New Oxford Review is now self-governing, and is published by a new tax-exempt nonprofit corporation, New Oxford Review, Inc., incorporated under the laws of the State of Cali­fornia and supervised by its own board of direc­tors.

With continuing best wishes for the future of both the American Church Union and the New Oxford Review, we are

Faithfully yours,

Dale Vree, Editor
New Oxford Review

Robert S. Morse, President
American Church Union


July 29, 1983

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