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A Time to Pinch Ourselves


By Dale Vree | February 2002
The first issue of the NEW OXFORD REVIEW made its debut way back in February 1977. With this issue we are now 25 years old. It hardly seems possible, so allow us a moment here to pinch ourselves.

Yes, it’s really true. But no, there will be no gala banquet with a roster of august speakers. We have neither the time nor the budget for that. Moreover, the joy here is palpable, to which a banquet would probably add nothing.

Above all, we’re grateful to have survived, for over this past quarter century we’ve seen many periodicals similar to ours bite the dust.

We’re also grateful that the NOR has, after a fashion, thrived. When the NOR began, we inherited a meager mailing list, but since then we’ve seen the magazine double in circulation. We’ve also seen the NOR increase in both frequency of publication and number of pages. For a bit over 20 years we were published 10 times a year and each issue had 32 pages. Now we’re published 11 times a year and each issue has 48 pages. So instead of producing 320 pages per year, we now produce 528 pages per year, and that’s been accomplished without a hike in subscription prices.

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