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A Rebel in Search of a Cause

Liberal Catholics love to show compassion for and acceptance of “the marginalized.” And one of their favorite marginalized groups is homosexuals. For years the National Catholic Reporter has been fawning over homosexuals, but now suddenly there’s a crisis. For you see, homosexuals are no longer marginal; now they’re mainstream, legit.

Sandip Roy, a male homosexual in San Francisco, sounds the alarm in the August 29 Reporter. Roy grew up in India, “where gay sex is still illegal.” He says that “[back in India] I longed for my own apartment that I could just bring a lover home to. I dreamed of a gay bar where I could meet men like me without cruising in shadowy parks while cops prowled. I have all that now. Yet every now and then in the midst of the non-stop party whirl of gay life in San Francisco…, gay life can feel almost too legitimate. Sometimes I get the oddest hankering for the fillip of danger….”

Compounding Roy’s problem is that the conservative Dallas Morning News has announced it will publicize same-sex “unions” in its pages. And this on the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision that “gay” sex is just fine, which is widely thought to be paving the way for “gay marriage.”

Roy laments: “Traditionally, gays were outcasts, the outsiders…. I couldn’t help wondering what happens to gay rebellion when there is nothing to rebel against?… Can I face getting what I thought I always wanted?”

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