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A Disconnect

The NOR has received a solicitation from a candidate for the presidency. It doesn’t matter who he is.

The letter says: “As good Republicans, we’re all in favor of a strong national defense and in confronting head on the Islamic terrorists who threaten us. And as good Republicans we’re all in favor of lower taxes and smaller government.”

The letter also says: “Abortion: I’m 100% pro-life…. I believe Roe vs. Wade should be repealed….” As does the NOR.

The letter also says: “Protecting Marriage: …marriage [is] a sacred bond between a man and a woman….” The NOR agrees.

But how many realize there is a disconnect here? Should the government regulate marriage? This is not smaller government. Homosexuals are asking for the state in essence to privatize marriage. As Ronald Reagan said, “Let’s get the government off people’s backs.”

If the state were to outlaw abortion, we would have to begin policing back-alley abortionists, and then send them to jail. This means bigger government and higher taxes.

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