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The Waning Legacy of Cardinal Bernardin

We’ve been on the mailing list of the Seamless Garment Network for a long time. The latest issue of its newsletter carries the intriguing news that the Network has changed its name. Why? “For years the words ‘Seamless Garment’ have been met with quizzical looks by many. Our junk mail always contains advertisements for garment workers and the like.”

And the new name — please pass the envelope — is: Consistent Life. We’re not sure those quizzical looks will go away, but, yes, the junk mail from the garment workers should.

Poor Cardinal Bernardin. We recall all those speeches he gave promoting the Seamless Garment — certainly an interesting concept ? and how the mainstream media almost always gave positive coverage to the concept. And now the Seamless Garment is being given a quiet burial.

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