Volume > Issue > The Night the Sauerkraut Exploded

The Night the Sauerkraut Exploded


By R. Faricy | December 1983

The night the sauerkraut

Exploded we were all

Asleep. In dreams we heard

The awful noise of vats

Of sauerkraut that blew

Apart; the sealed tight

And under pressure vats

Exploded sauerkraut.


Awaking later what

We found was that the room

We’d stored with vats was strewn

With happy festal strings

And gay confettied bits

Of sauerkraut. The room

Was rearranged to make

Another space and time.


I think the world’s end

Will be like that: a vat

Exploding under pressure. We

Will be asleep and hear

It in our troubled dreams,

Then wake to what awaits.

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