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By Charles R. Fink | September 1984

Let the air be taken from me;

Let no water touch my tongue.

Though my heart and soul be riven

From the life to which I’ve clung,

Peace will make the parting easy;

Pain won’t usher in despair.

One who’s loved me from forever

Holds me always, everywhere.


Once this blow would sure have killed me.

I breathed by the spell she cast,

Drinking only wine she gave me

From a source that couldn’t last.

Now I gasp, I’m parched and thirsting;

Life is ebbing as she goes.

Yet I die by Love enfolded.

Comforted amid the throes.


One day death will overtake me,

Finally finishing her chore,

And to some she’ll seem the victor:

I’ll look lost forevermore.

Thereupon Love will engulf me,

Love and Truth I’ve written of.

All the dying is for living;

All the living is for Love.

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