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Our 30th Anniversary


By Dale Vree | February 2007
Dale Vree is Editor of New Oxford Review.

In February 1977 the New Oxford Review was born. Originally an Anglo-Catholic publication, we opposed the Episcopal Church when it ordained priestesses. And we opposed many other things in the Episcopal Church, especially homosexual clergy.

The Episcopal Church went merrily along, but many little splinter groups started. We didn’t want to be a rump (a splinter group) of a rump (Episcopabpof the Roman Catholic Church.

In September 1983 the NOR became Roman Catholic. And we helped bring many Episcopalians into the Catholic Church.

However, we lost many of our subscribers, down to 3,400, and were near bankruptcy. Many people wanted to buy or control us, especially the neocons. We turned down their offers. By the grace of God, we survived. No bailout needed, but it was still a rocky road. We maintained our independence. Nobody owned us.

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