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Letter from the Motherhouse


By Sister Prema, M.C. | September 2015
Sister Prema, Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity, an order founded by Bl. Mother Teresa, writes from the Motherhouse in Calcutta, India. This letter was distributed throughout the Missionaries of Charity community.

“Let us never avoid or run away from difficulty, but follow our leader, Christ Jesus.” — St. Catherine of Siena

In a world tormented by uncertainty, fragmented by disunity, fearful of violence and calamities, what will help us to be carriers of God’s love, peace, joy, and hope?

In our helplessness and confusion, we stand with Mary at Calvary at the foot of the Cross and hear Jesus assure us, “I am with you.” We are never left alone, never left to ourselves. Our God is with us.

At times, it is my own weakness — my lack of forgiveness, my hatred, jealousy, failures, and suffering — that causes the turmoil in my heart. Let us become aware of the attacks of the Devil who tries to pull us down with accusations from self, others, situations, and even God. Immediately we must stop imagining and grumbling, and turn to Jesus in our own heart, repeating with each heartbeat, “Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you.” Is this not the spirit of loving trust given to the Missionaries of Charity sisters, brothers, and fathers, and to our coworkers, lay missionaries, and volunteers? When Jesus called our Mother [Mother Teresa of Calcutta] to start the work for the poorest of the poor, He said to her, “Trust Me lovingly, trust Me blindly, let Me act.”

Let your heart repeat, “Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I entrust my family and friends, my work, and all my problems and worries to you.”

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