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Learning From Jesus How to Be An Effective Military Leader

Jesus has been portrayed in many guises: He was a communist revolutionary, the founder of modern corporations, a homosexual, a married man, a vegetarian, and if He were alive today He would drive a hybrid.

Now we have Brigadier-General Gregg F. Martin, who doesn’t exactly portray Jesus as a military leader, but as probably the greatest strategic leader of all time (Harper’s, May, Readings section): “Jesus of Nazareth was a great strategic leader, probably the greatest who ever lived. From humble beginnings 2,000 years ago, his movement grew out of a band of twelve followers to more than a billion today…. Despite many opportunities to move into more glamorous pursuits, he kept his mission focus.” Martin goes on:

–    “HOW TO BE NUMBER ONE: Prior to Jesus, leaders sat at the top of the organization pyramid…. Jesus inverted the pyramid: he got down in the trenches and served the troops. When put into practice, the radical paradigm of leadership unleashed unbelievable power, trust, and love.”

–    “TELL IT STRAIGHT: Jesus did not offer fun or good times. Instead, he called for self-denial and sacrifice. What a recruiting message! Don’t sugarcoat or sweet-talk the demands of your profession. This way, people will trust you and you’ll end up recruiting the right ones.”

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