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By L.M. Williams | September 1986

O God of love, Your Kingdom is a beach

with gold sand —

each grain an act of mercy —


where we build our relationships,

like castles

shining in the sun of Your glory.


O God of love, Your Kingdom is a new language,

not dependent on sounds or characters,


whose meaning is transmitted directly

from heart to heart

like Your Word to us in Christ.


O God of love, Your Kingdom is a fam­ily reunion,

a gathering of distant relatives

who’ve never met,


a joyful flocking of Abraham’s true


related through Christ’s blood.


O God of love, Your Kingdom is an

in­ner city demolition crane

knocking down the monuments of prej­udice,


clearing away all rubble of our false divi­sions

to create a pasture where lambs and lions

lie together.


O God of love, Your Kingdom is that

eternal moment

when the scales are shed from our eyes


and we can look fresh-faced into the

nu­cleus of love

and not go blind.


© 1986 New Oxford Review. All Rights Reserved.

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