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“Don’t Go After the Good Guys”

The Church is in a mess, and the liberal Catholics are our foes. Presumably, our Church is led at the highest levels by conservative Catholics, but they usually will take no action against dissenting Catholics. They are afraid of the culture, the media, the politicians, and their own Catholic people. They fear men, not the Lord. One of the Cardinal Virtues is Fortitude (i.e., courage), and one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is also Fortitude. The problem isn’t so much the dissenting Catholics; it’s the people on our side who will do nothing, or even abet the liberals.

A perfect case in point was the St. Valentine’s Day Blessing Ceremony for people in love at the Cathedral Church in Vienna, headed by Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn, a moderate conservative, a big fan of Hans Urs von Balthasar (not surprisingly), and who was considered “papabile” at the last Conclave.

The Rector of the Cathedral Church in Vienna, Fr. Anton Faber (according to Katholische Nachrichten, Feb. 20), “explicitly” welcomed homosexuals to the St. Valentine’s Day Blessing Ceremony. Fr. Faber was questioned by a reporter, who asked if the Cardinal approved the blessings of homosexuals. Fr. Faber said yes, it was “approved” by Cardinal Schoenborn.

An unidentified parishioner at the Cathedral said that the Church proposes holy Confession for those with homosexual feelings and practicing homosexuals. How right he was. It’s amazing — although perhaps not — when an ordinary parishioner knows Catholic doctrine better than the Cardinal.

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