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Christmas in Real Time


By Thomas Lark | January 2009
Thomas Lark is the editor of The Mount Holly News. He and his wife reside in Mount Holly, North Carolina, near Charlotte. A chaplain in the Sons of Confederate Veterans Historical Honour Society, he is well-known as a Catholic monarchist. His theatrical endeavors include portraying C.S. Lewis in Shadowlands at Belmont Abbey College in 1998, and he is also known for his one-man show as G.K. Chesterton.

Have yourself a merry little — Thanksgiving?

Mere days after Halloween, I had the disorienting experience of being bombarded by Christmas music on my car radio. A Charlotte station was blasting both Christian carols and secular music, nearly two months before Christmas day. This calendrically incongruous cacophony was pretty hard to take.

You may know the station or its like. Its sister television station is routinely voted as having the “Most Panic-Mongering Newscast in the Region”: There’s a bridge out in Mecklenburg County. We’ll tell you which one at eleven!

Even before election day, to my gobsmacked horror, I beheld houses with gaudy, garish light displays, allegedly having something to do with Christmas and the birth of Our Lord and Savior.

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