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Put Not Your Trust In Vice Princesses

No one has ever said the NEW OXFORD REVIEW is the Republican Party at prayer. So no one should be surprised by the following commentary.

According to Time magazine (Jan. 15), Lynne Cheney “announced that she will do what no presidential or vice-presidential spouse [i.e., wife] has done before: she will work outside the home. She will get paid for it. And she will not apologize.”

Had Tipper Gore done so, the conservative press and Web sites and talking heads would have been apoplectic: “A break with tradition!” Had the hated Hillary Clinton done so, the right-wing pundits would have had coronaries. But if a conservative gal does it, hey, no problem.

No doubt about it, Lynne is conservative. Time says “she has consistently enraged liberals with her conservative views on feminism, education and political correctness,” and Time quotes her as saying, “I will continue to be a…responsible spokesman and a responsible board member….” Gee, a responsible “spokesman”: The gal knows how to speak standard English. Our hat goes off to her!

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